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On The Cheap: $50 Off LG’s Smartwatch, The G Watch

As I mentioned in my thoughts on the Apple Watch yesterday, I’m not sure that I personally have a need for a smartwatch. I certainly can’t justify spending $350 on the stunning Apple Watch or $250 on the equally snazzy Moto 360. But what if there was a device with much of the same functionality, […]

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On The Cheap: You May Want To Skip Walmart And Best Buy’s iPhone Sales

Apple’s colorful 5c has been something of an object of derision by serious tech users, but the sales have certainly been impressive. Look down your nose all you want, but Apple has moved a ton of units. One reason is likely the fact that retailers have been aggressive with pricing, something atypical for iPhones. Recently, […]

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On The Cheap: Sprint Introduces All You Can Eat App Buffet AppPass

Let’s be blunt: having more than one app store on a device gets annoying. If you have Google Play, do you really need a separate curated source of apps from Samsung, Lenovo, or HTC? Some vendors get around the nuance by adding value – like Amazon and the daily free app deals. Others have walked […]

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On The Cheap: SwiftKey Goes Free

Source: Swiftkey

Just typing on soft keyboards is out of fashion. Nowadays it’s all about swiping. The functionality is already built into the last two versions of the¬†Android keyboard, will be part of Windows Phone 8.1 and is even going to be part of iOS 8 via 3rd parties. One of those third parties will be one […]

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On The Cheap: T-Mobile And BlackBerry’s Public Tiff Can Pay Off For You

It’s sad when people fight, but when corporations do, the consumer can end up being the real winner. BlackBerry CEO John Chen called out T-Mobile, referring to an ad campaign as anti-BlackBerry for daring to suggest BlackBerry customers might want to trade their handsets in. Never mind that every company is basically doing trade-in offers, […]

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On The Cheap: Score An iPhone 5C For Under Thirty Bucks

Despite pundits predicting the demise of Apple, the consumer giant had a strong Black Friday. For those of you who didn’t want to brave the hordes but still like the idea of getting a deal, you’re in luck.¬†Starting today, Walmart is offering some impressive discounts on Apple products. The colorful iPhone 5C on Verizon or […]

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On The Cheap: Sprint And Best Buy Give Students A Free Ride

As an impressive Back To School promotion, Sprint is making an offer that’s hard to refuse. As of November 15, existing Sprint users can take their elementary through college students to their local Best Buy and sign them up for for free year. “What’s the catch,” you ask. For starters, there’s only 1 GB of […]

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On The Cheap: Kindle Fire HD Now Best Deal In Tablet Town

Amazon’s Kindle line has long been a favorite of mine. Yesterday morning the e-commerce titan announced not one, but two new tablets, dubbed the Kindle Fire HDX. Both the 7.8″ and 8.9″ models continue the trend of being a brilliant choice for consumers. However, instead of focusing on the new OS, cool costumer service solution, […]

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On The Cheap: Walmart Rolls Back Prices On iPhone 5S And 5C

If you’re sick of hearing talk about the new iPhones, click away from here now. For those who are interested, Walmart will sell the Apple products at a discount from day one. The high-end 5s has a $10 savings at $189, and the 5c has a slightly more palatable $79 price tag. The retail giant […]

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On The Cheap: iWork Online Beta Opens To The Public

Life in an always on world has led to interesting solutions and to problems we didn’t even know we had. One of my favorite examples is Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs), an online word processor that saves as you go, ties into other Google services. Most importantly, it’s free. Drive actually came from […]

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