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Techfiction: The Surprising, And Anachronistic, Tech In The World Of Noah

Recently, members of the Techcitement Crew were subjected to the movie Noah by Darren Aronofsky via the Ludovico Technique. Thanks, Dr. Brodsky! The movie based around the Biblical flood stars Russell Crowe as a bearded, rage-filled, and shouting Noah. Some of us found the movie to be a tired, slightly derivative work, wandering off the […]

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Techfiction: The Falcon Soars In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I was lucky enough to see a free screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night and the movie is full of awesome tech. There are three highly techciting key elements to the story that I will refrain from going into, as they would be massive spoilers. We’ve previously covered Cap’s shield and the Black […]

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Put Down The Phone And Save A Life

As a tech site, most of what we deal with is very much considered to be “first world problems” (a phrase already rife with issues of its own). We have the luxury of being concerned about which company bought which, talk about how much we want the newest tablet, or how some pundit said some […]

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The Google Glass Backlash Has Officially Begun

If you were paying any attention last week, you may have heard the tale of one Sarah Slocum. It’s a story that has landed on Gawker, the UK’s Daily Mail, Mashable, SF Chronicle, The Examiner, LA Times, CBS, CNBC, and SFist. The story of how a young woman was attacked  and robbed for wearing Google Glass, and […]

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PC Sales Took Deepest Dive Ever In 2013 – And That’s A Good Thing

IDC’s latest report on Personal Computer sales (and yes, that includes Macs)  is out and it’s a grim read. Sales of traditional desktop computers dropped a steep -9.8%. The good news is, IDC was expecting sales to drop -10.1%. So um, yay? iCharts IDC expects the downward trend to continue, due to a multitude of […]

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CES 2014: Samsung’s Press Event Was About More Than Michael Bay, But Not By Much

Everyone is talking about action movie director Michael Bay walking off the stage at yesterday’s Samsung event. I guess a poor reaction to a downed teleprompter makes for a good story, but it ignores the rest of the press event. (Don’t worry, we’ll embed the video of the man known for explosions imploding on stage below […]

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A DIY Phone Could Be On The Way

Being a tech blogger means your friends are always sending you emails with a subject line similar to “Have you seen this?” Sometimes, it’s news to us. Sometimes, it’s old hat. What’s interesting is when multiple people send us the same information over and over. That’s usually a good sign that something has captured the […]

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New York Comic Con Says Sorry For Hijacking Attendees’ Social Network Accounts

I’m not terribly homesick for New York most of the time, but I admit to missing New York Comic Con quite a bit. It was always a blast. This year, those in attendance received a special surprise: Social network updates they’d never actually made. First reported by Polygon and brought to our attention by Jonah […]

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Nest Protect Rethinks Smoke Detectors

Makers of the Nest Thermostat have announced a follow-up product in the Nest Protect, which combines the functionality of a traditional household smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector with internet connectivity and more intelligent alerts. When Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it lights up yellow and a recorded human voice announces the nature of […]

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Does Android KitKat Show That The Dessert Name Needs To Be Given A Break?

Every version of Android has been named for a type of candy. That much is understand, and it’s a cute way to go about creating memorable version names. Each version has also been in alphabetical order: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the current release, Jelly Bean. Version 4.4 was expected […]

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