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Techfiction: The Falcon Soars In Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I was lucky enough to see a free screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night and the movie is full of awesome tech. There are three highly techciting key elements to the story that I will refrain from going into, as they would be massive spoilers. We’ve previously covered Cap’s shield and the Black […]

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Nest Protect Rethinks Smoke Detectors


Makers of the Nest Thermostat have announced a follow-up product in the Nest Protect, which combines the functionality of a traditional household smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector with internet connectivity and more intelligent alerts. When Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it lights up yellow and a recorded human voice announces the nature of […]

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Seven Alfred Hitchcock Movies Ruined By Modern Technology

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of filmmaking techniques and showed expertise at getting exactly what was desired out of audiences. Born in 1899 in Essex, England, the director went on to be famous for his psychological thrillers with their original twists and suspenseful atmospheres. What Hitchcock’s movies focused on primarily was the story, almost to […]

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