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Amazon Sparks Set-top Box Competition With Release Of Fire TV

Let’s face it, television setups are complicated these days. We have broadcast, cable, satellite, and a plethora of streaming services. Getting said streaming services on to your TV might mean having an AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast or some other solution. The problem is that most of those solutions are complicated or at least involve multiple steps […]

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ComiXology Gets Hacked Right Before Big Day At SXSW

ComiXology is probably the biggest name in digital comics. The digital distribution giant hosts stores for Marvel , DC and others as well as the titular store. Unfortunately, big names make for big targets, as we see in the e-mail that went out today. Dear Comics Reader, In the course of a recent review and […]

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LG TVs Get Smart With WebOS

My love of webOS is no secret. For example, my TouchPad is my main tablet, despite being discontinued over two years ago. I recently attempted to use a Pre Plus as a daily driver and only gave it up because of battery issues. However, I am a rarity. LG believed in webOS too, which is […]

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CES 2014 Roundup: Next Year Is Going To Be Steam-y

If you’re any sort of gamer, you’ve almost certainly heard of Valve’s Steam platform. For the uninitiated, Steam is a gaming software solution for Windows, Mc OS, and Linux. Imagine an app store and gaming system in one. In September of 2013, Valve announced it was going to be an operating system as well. SteamOS […]

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Tune In To The Alleged First Video Of LG’s WebOS TV Interface

Yes, this is about webOS, the little operating system that couldn’t. The mobile world has moved on, but that hasn’t completely shelved the OS. LG first announced the intention of putting webOS on smart TVs almost exactly a year ago. While LG would go on to acquire webOS, there’s been little movement beyond that initial […]

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New York Comic Con Says Sorry For Hijacking Attendees’ Social Network Accounts

I’m not terribly homesick for New York most of the time, but I admit to missing New York Comic Con quite a bit. It was always a blast. This year, those in attendance received a special surprise: Social network updates they’d never actually made. First reported by Polygon and brought to our attention by Jonah […]

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Goodbye, iPhone 5; Helloooooo, iPhone 5C And 5S

The rumored iPhone 5C and 5S are real, folks. The 6 was a total false flag. Slightly more unexpected was the keeping in place of the iPhone 4S as the free option while the 5 was retired outright. While the 5 was, according to Apple, the most rapidly adopted iPhone, it’s clearly too high-end of […]

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Seven Alfred Hitchcock Movies Ruined By Modern Technology

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of filmmaking techniques and showed expertise at getting exactly what was desired out of audiences. Born in 1899 in Essex, England, the director went on to be famous for his psychological thrillers with their original twists and suspenseful atmospheres. What Hitchcock’s movies focused on primarily was the story, almost to […]

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Kindle Matchbook Ignites Interest

Amazon is a company with one foot in the virtual realm and another in the physical. Sure, you can stream or buy digital content, but you can also buy the same content in physical form. This sometimes gets confusing (Wait, so Amazon Prime is a Hulu-like service as well as an expedited shipping program?), but […]

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SDCC: Firefly MMO Announced, Chutzpah Unintentionally Defined

Ah, San Diego Comic Con. The place where a nerd can be a nerd, a cosplayer can be a cosplayer, and small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri can be small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri. As someone who has never attended SDCC, there are two different things I specifically look out for every year. The […]

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