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Review: Lenovo Entwines Two Product Lines With ThinkPad Yoga

Lenovo has traditionally had two laptop lines: the business-targeted ThinkPad line and the consumer-friendly IdeaPad line. Last year, Lenovo added the Yoga line. Coming in hybrid tablet and regular tablet flavors, the Yoga is a bit more of a consumer device and popular enough to inspire copycats. The suit and tie set need not feel […]

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PC Sales Took Deepest Dive Ever In 2013 – And That’s A Good Thing

IDC’s latest report on Personal Computer sales (and yes, that includes Macs)  is out and it’s a grim read. Sales of traditional desktop computers dropped a steep -9.8%. The good news is, IDC was expecting sales to drop -10.1%. So um, yay? iCharts IDC expects the downward trend to continue, due to a multitude of […]

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Review: HP Wants You To Get To Work On The ProOne 600 G1

It’s been a while since Techcitement had an HP unit in house. The Z1 Workstation impressed us last year. That was a workstation though, which is a different animal from your typical desktop. Today though, Techcitement tackles the newest system sent to us: the ProOne 600 G1. Is there anything about it that separates it […]

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Review: Lenovo Takes Hybrids To The Next Level With The Yoga 2 Pro

When reviewing the Lenovo Yoga 11S, Techcitement noted that the otherwise nifty laptop/tablet hybrid suffered from being released after the debut of Haswell, Intel’s fourth generation I-series processor. While a Yoga 2 was announced at CES, it ‘s not out yet. What if you want Haswell power now? For the impatient, there’s the Lenovo Yoga […]

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CES 2014 Roundup: Asus Brings The Android Love, With A Windows Twist

Yesterday was a busy day for ASUS at the Consumer Electronics Show. Already well-regarded for the Transformer line of Android tablets, the Taiwanese computer giant — fifth in sales worldwide — showed off impressive devices. First on our radar is the PadPhone X. If the name seems unfamiliar, that may have to do with the […]

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CES 2014: Lenovo Teases With Tablets, Laptops, And More

Lenovo tends to show off impressive hardware every CES, leaving us waiting until the products actually hit the market. This year is no exception, with a slew of systems to make us positively quiver with anticipation. Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep holding our breath for American Lenovo smartphones. Four new impressive handsets were unleashed, but […]

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Apple Announcements Recap: New Hardware, Software Updates, And The Latest OS

Whenever there’s an Apple event, there’s a feeling of tons of information being thrown at you all at once. Let’s try to get through it together. While not the first thing mentioned, Mac OS 10.9 aka Mavericks is absolutely one of the most important. Mavericks is designed to be a more dynamic OS, freeing up systems resources […]

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Want to Clean Install Windows 8.1? Read This First

Today, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to the general public, and many early adopters are running to be the first to get the free update that adds new features, fixes usability issues, and generally makes Windows 8 more pleasurable to use. I’ve been running the preview for months, and the final release for the last week. […]

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Quiet Refresh Brings Apple iMac Updates

Earlier this week, Apple announced a refresh of the 21″ and 27″ iMac. While not an unexpected update to the product line, Apple released it with little fanfare, surprising many of the Mac faithful who awaited official announcements of new Mac systems in October. The update breaks down in the following ways: The popular all-in-one […]

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Michael Dell Buys His Own Company Back

It’s weird to think of now, but Dell Computer was crazy geeky once upon a time. Starting out in Michael Dell’s dorm room, his fledgling enterprise made him enough scratch that he could quit college and focus on computers full time. At one time seeing itself as the average consumer’s company of choice, Dell the […]

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