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The Obsolescence Of The DSLR Camera

SLR cameras have long been a staple of photography, dating back to the days of film. Short for Single Lens Reflex, the SLR gets its moniker from a spring loaded mirror behind the lens which reflects the view from the lens back up to the user.  When the shutter button on an SLR is pressed, […]

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Safety Tech: Self-Security In The 21st Century

Recently, a video was released of a woman, Shoshana Roberts, walking through the streets of New York, being harassed as she goes. Putting aside issues (and there are issues) of the races that were edited out, it’s important to note that her experience was quite sadly typical for a New Yorker. The culture of the New […]

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Samsung Bringing A True Wrist-phone To The U.S. This Fall

The headline really says it all, folks. Starting this fall, you can get an actual smartwatch phone on all four major U.S. carriers. Unlike Android Wear devices or the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S is a full-featured mobile device rather than a companion device. Another way the Gear S is different? It runs Samsung’s own […]

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Drop Aims To Make Your Kitchen Measurably Smarter

Confession: When Techcitement saw the Drop being demoed at a recent event, we almost walked right past it. A connected scale? Big deal. Except the Drop is more than a scale that shows results on your tablet (iOS only for now, Android coming soon). The goal with Drop isn’t just connectivity, but contextual awareness. You […]

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ScanSnap Serves Up Image Capture Options In Grande, Vente, And Trenta

Way back in 2011, Techcitement got to run the ScanSnap S1100 through the paces. We were impressed and it has come in handy for sudden scan needs. Except as you all know, tech doesn’t sit still. What has the company been up to since? For one thing, there’s the impressive looking update to the S1100, as […]

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Amazon Unleashes A Flood Of Kindle Updates, Including One For Your Guppies

Amazon’s Kindle line is one of the biggest recent success stories in consumer electronics. With a custom Android OS, Amazon prices them lower than other vendors because it’s seen as a “digital shopping cart” to consume the e-tailing giant’s products. Last night, Amazon unveiled a whole ton of updates, including one parents will love. Before we […]

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Your iPhone Will Pick Up The Tab With ApplePay

One of the big rumors about yesterday’s Apple event was that the new iPhones would finally embrace NFC. For those unfamiliar, NFC (Near Field Communications) is a wireless chip/protocol that allows devices to exchange information by touching them together or having them close to each other. The most common application, however, has been mobile payments. […]

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On The Cheap: $50 Off LG’s Smartwatch, The G Watch

As I mentioned in my thoughts on the Apple Watch yesterday, I’m not sure that I personally have a need for a smartwatch. I certainly can’t justify spending $350 on the stunning Apple Watch or $250 on the equally snazzy Moto 360. But what if there was a device with much of the same functionality, […]

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A Few Minutes On The New Apple Watch

For years now, tech enthusiasts have been clamoring for a smartwatch from Apple. Apple, being smart, has sat this out, looking at the emerging market. Pebble and Android Wear have shown that there’s certainly a demand for it, and Apple has now tried to top them, but it’s unsure how well they accomplished that. Don’t […]

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Amazon Sparks Set-top Box Competition With Release Of Fire TV

Let’s face it, television setups are complicated these days. We have broadcast, cable, satellite, and a plethora of streaming services. Getting said streaming services on to your TV might mean having an AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast or some other solution. The problem is that most of those solutions are complicated or at least involve multiple steps […]

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