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Immigration, The H-1B Visa, And The Tech Industry: Why It Matters


Guest article by Jason Finkelman. Jason Finkelman is an Austin immigration attorney focused on serving international individuals and domestic and foreign businesses in a variety of business-based and family-based immigration matters. Finkelman Law works with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and companies across all employment sectors to obtain work visas and lawful permanent residence. Amidst the tweets revealing the […]

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Facebook Finally Kicks Click Bait To The Curb


You’ve seen the click-bait headlines. “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN…” “THIS VIDEO MADE ME FURIOUS, THEN MY HEART SOARED!” “THIS FAMOUS PERSON DID SOMETHING AMAZING AND IT BLEW MY MIND!” “…I SOBBED WHEN I SAW #5!” Headlines like these have screamed just enough information at Facebook users to make us curious, and prompted just […]

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New York Comic Con Says Sorry For Hijacking Attendees’ Social Network Accounts


I’m not terribly homesick for New York most of the time, but I admit to missing New York Comic Con quite a bit. It was always a blast. This year, those in attendance received a special surprise: Social network updates they’d never actually made. First reported by Polygon and brought to our attention by Jonah […]

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Why It’s Your Fault: A Quick Rant About Digital Privacy

macbook-shot 2

This is quite a week for the tinfoil hat brigade. I’ve been seeing two particular stories over and over in my social network feed and I feel compelled to address them. Let’s talk about the rant about social network and photos first. I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to see […]

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Senator Wendy Davis Versus Texas Republicans; Internet Versus 24-Hour News Networks

Wendy Davis in the Texas Capitol Building

Moments ago, a riot and a revolution almost happened in Texas over women’s reproduction rights, but according to TV news, there was nothing worth reporting. The thousands of people viewing the live feed of the proceedings, the people reporting on social media like Twitter and Facebook, and the throngs of people numbering in the high […]

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Social Media Takedown On Juneteenth When Paula Deen Found Being Racist

Paula Deen

We here at Techcitement aren’t usually judgmental folk. We leave that for BuzzFeed, Reddit, or Gawker. However, it’s not a far reach to say that the butter-pushing star of Food Network, Paula Deen is a truly awful person. If you’re unfamiliar with Paula Deen, she’s spent a lifetime promoting high-fat, high-calorie diets that usually involve […]

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#Hashtags Come To Facebook

Facebook hashtag

Facebook has introduced the use of hashtags to its search feature for people to more easily track topics such as who said that funny thing about Game of Thrones, who’s currently bored at their jobs, who’s angry about politics today, and who’s promoting a show they have this weekend. Users can now click on the […]

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Yahoo CEO Says There’s No Such Thing As A Professional Photographer


In a recent Yahoo press event discussing changes to the Flickr photo sharing service, CEO Marissa Mayer was asked why the Flickr Pro service was being discontinued. Her response, given 46 minutes into the interview, was a bit of a bombshell. “…there’s no such thing as Flickr Pro, because today, with cameras as pervasive as they are, […]

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