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Amazon Sparks Set-top Box Competition With Release Of Fire TV

Let’s face it, television setups are complicated these days. We have broadcast, cable, satellite, and a plethora of streaming services. Getting said streaming services on to your TV might mean having an AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast or some other solution. The problem is that most of those solutions are complicated or at least involve multiple steps […]

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Sprint Mobile Email Rides Off Into Sunset

Sprint’s Mobile Email service may have been one of the best kept secrets in the world of feature phones. Back in the days before the modern smartphone era, push email was something  reserved mostly for BlackBerry handsets. This is because a BlackBerry data plan included access to a server to push emails to your handset in real […]

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On The Cheap: iWork Online Beta Opens To The Public

Life in an always on world has led to interesting solutions and to problems we didn’t even know we had. One of my favorite examples is Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs), an online word processor that saves as you go, ties into other Google services. Most importantly, it’s free. Drive actually came from […]

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Why It’s Your Fault: A Quick Rant About Digital Privacy

This is quite a week for the tinfoil hat brigade. I’ve been seeing two particular stories over and over in my social network feed and I feel compelled to address them. Let’s talk about the rant about social network and photos first. I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to see […]

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Last Chance To Rescue Your Google Reader Data

Nearly two weeks have passed since Google shut down Reader, the company’s popular RSS feed reading service. While users who relied on Reader for daily (or if you’re like me, hourly) updates from their favorite websites have migrated to other services by now, there may be a few stragglers who haven’t made the move yet. […]

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Google Celebrates LGBT Pride Month With Search Engine Easter Egg

In a post earlier this month on the Google+ home for Life at Google, the company spoke up about its involvement in LGBT Pride Month. From Silicon Valley LGBTQ mixers to Hangouts with Google Executives, planning a successful Google Pride is about more than coordinating the colors of the rainbow. Gayglers from all departments of […]

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Senator Wendy Davis Versus Texas Republicans; Internet Versus 24-Hour News Networks

Moments ago, a riot and a revolution almost happened in Texas over women’s reproduction rights, but according to TV news, there was nothing worth reporting. The thousands of people viewing the live feed of the proceedings, the people reporting on social media like Twitter and Facebook, and the throngs of people numbering in the high […]

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Just Because You’re Paranoid… Part 1: Securing Your Email

The news has been awash with stories lately of how the National Security Agency has the ability to access the telephone records and internet usage patterns of Americans and possibly others around the globe. Our own website featured an article on this subject when the story first broke over a week ago. While bringing down a […]

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Google Shows Location Awareness By Buying Waze

GPS app Waze has been a matter of much discussion for the last few weeks. The Israeli startup has been around for a bit; I recall trying it when there were only a handful of users to pull traffic data from. Since then, the company has become a bit more popular, to the point that […]

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It’s The End Of The World, Dropbox Is Down!

UPDATE: Thirty minutes into the outage and Dropbox remains down with no ETA from support on when it will be back up. About 15 minutes ago, I tried getting a Dropbox share link for a PowerPoint slide deck I was working on in PowerPoint. It didn’t work, and then I noticed that it wasn’t synchronizing […]

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