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Hands On: Apple iOS 7 For A Day

As everyone knows, Apple released iOS 7 to developers after the WWDC keynote. As an Apple purist, I was certainly excited about the prospect of what I considered a great restart to the phone OS that started it all. A few stats: I installed iOS 7 on my AT&T iPhone 4S as a “new phone,” […]

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Microsoft Office Sort-Of Comes To iOS For Sort-Of Free

A long-stranding rumor has become reality with the fairly silent launch of Microsoft Office for iOS. If you already have an Office 365 account, the app is free. Don’t have one? Get one, wait for iWork in the Cloud, or use Google Drive like the rest of mankind. In a moment of WTF, the app is scaled […]

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Google Shows Location Awareness By Buying Waze

GPS app Waze has been a matter of much discussion for the last few weeks. The Israeli startup has been around for a bit; I recall trying it when there were only a handful of users to pull traffic data from. Since then, the company has become a bit more popular, to the point that […]

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Apple Announces iOS 7: Stunning Looks, Refined Features, And Deja Vu

Apple’s annual development conference kicked off with a hell of a keynote. One of the worst kept secrets was that Apple would be unveiling a new iOS 7. The latest version is the first helmed by Apple Design Guru Sir Jon Ives, and it shows. If you were a fan of skeuomorphism (the act of borrowing […]

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Welcome Back Start Menu — Windows 8.1 Official

In what is likely a strong contender for the worst kept secret ever, Microsoft has announced the first major revision of Windows 8. Gone is the internal “Blue” codename and avoided is the boring SP naming of old. Instead, it’s time to meet Windows 8.1. Those hoping that Microsoft would see the error of 8 […]

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Interoperability Onslaught: BB Messenger Leaves BB OS, Outlook Chatting With Google Talk

In the words of Doctor Peter Venkman, “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!” That was my initial reaction to the news that BlackBerry has created iOS and Android versions of what was once the linchpin of a mobile empire: BlackBerry Messenger. Known as BBM to users, it was also the one thing that kept people on […]

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Buycott Helps You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Have you ever wondered if the money you spend ends up funding causes you oppose? The front page of Buycott’s website poses this question to visitors. In a political landscape where a dollar for Stephanie Meyer turns into a boon for anti-gay rights organizations and cash-flooded lobbyists have just as much of a say in […]

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Android 4.3 Release Leaked Early

Today’s keynote address at the first day of Google I/O 2013 may lack a few surprises considering the amount of news leaking out early. One such example is the release of Android 4.3, which The Verge found by digging through the search listings on Google’s developer website. Not much is known about Android 4.3 (Jelly […]

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Are Smart PJs, With App-released Embedded Stories, A Dumb Idea?

Some companies try a little too hard to appeal to tech-savvy parents. Smart PJs have a code printed on them that bring up a story on your smartphone when scanned by the company’s app. Really. This isn’t a gag. This is clearly what it looks like when someone learns about QR codes and thinks they’re […]

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State Department Tries To Muzzle 3D Printed Firearms

Remember all the hubbub about 3D printed guns? No? Not even when the U.S. government gave a firearms licence to Defense Distributed, the biggest name in renderable firearms? This past week was another huge one for DD, as it printed and tested the new Liberator gun, an all plastic gun that only needs the addition of a nail to serve […]

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