SnApp Judgments: Heavy Gunner

Every night at 12:15 AM Pacific, Amazon gives away a free paid app through their Amazon app store. As I am usually awake at 12:15 AM Pacific, why not let you know if today’s app is useful, or just more clutter in your app drawer?

Today’s free app is Heavy Gunner by Com2uS and usually runs for $4.99. Except wait a minute, I already have this game, I bought it when the main market had it on sale for 10 cents! Crap, now I feel ripped off!

Heavy Gunner is reminiscent of those old PC games they used to load up into VR helmets in arcades like Beach Head 2000. You’re a mounted turret, scores of baddies are flying at you, and it’s your job to blow them back to wherever their religion sends dead bad people. One important thing though, your device’s accelerometer better not suck, because it controls where you shoot. Good graphics, good carnage… maybe not worth $5, but definitely worth a download today!

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