SnApp Judgments: Word Run Pro

Every night at 12:15 AM Pacific, Amazon gives away a free paid app through their Amazon app store. As I am usually awake at 12:15 AM Pacific, why not let you know if today’s app is useful, or just more clutter in your app drawer?

Today’s free app is Word Run Pro by Funqai and usually runs for $2.89. Do you like Boggle? Because the game is basically Boggle, but with fewer letters to choose from. You get seven letters and you have to make as many words as you can out of them. Simple enough, except Word Run Pro‘s list of words is all-encompassing enough to make you feel like a complete and total moron. Ern is a word. I had no idea ern was a word. I figured it was an acronym or something, but a quick Google search says that it refers to a particular breed of white-tailed eagle.

Learn something new every day.

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