SnApp Judgments: X-Men

Every night at 12:15 AM Pacific, Amazon gives away a free paid app through their Amazon app store. As I am usually awake at 12:15 AM Pacific, why not let you know if today’s app is useful, or just more clutter in your app drawer?

Today’s free app is X-Men by Konami Digital Entertainment and usually runs for $.99. It’s a port of the old arcade game of the same name from 1992. That is sweet. Worth getting for that alone. Unfortunately, everything else about the game is a hack port job.

First off, the controls. I was trying to figure out why they were so unresponsive. It’s a two-part problem. First, the movement sensor requires you to hit the touchscreen with fairly delicate accuracy. OK, I can deal with that, but then it turns out that it’s not registering multi-touch, so if I throw a punch, I have to re-press the movement sensor.

Second, the game has multiplayer, which is awesome. Except it only has four player multiplayer. X-Men was revolutionary in that it allowed for six-player multiplayer in the arcade.

Third, and this may be the most irritating, there’s not only is there no way to save your game, there’s no way to exit out other than hitting the home button. That is a cardinal sin on a mobile game.

Get it either way, because hey, it’s X-Men. But just know it’s going to irritate the hell out of you.

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