Bateflix — Finding Nipples On Netflix


There’s something about searching for nudity on Netflix Streaming that almost feels quaint, in a 1980s, trying to spot nipples on the scrambled porn channels kind of way. With so many actual porn choices available at the click of a mouse, scanning for full or partial nudity on Netflix is almost family friendly by comparison. Who wants to sit through all of  G.I. Jane only to find out that all you get is some Demi Moore side-boob?

That’s where Bateflix comes in. Cross-referencing between Netflix and the Celebrity Nude Database so you don’t have to, it tracks down all the nipple, butt crack, and occasional actual oral sex scenes that you can stream to your Wii, messing with your kid’s head the next time they go to the queue to watch Dora the Explorer.

The most interesting feature of the site is its search engine. Want to find an alien science fiction movie from the 1990s with a shower scene? Yay, you get to watch Species! Want a 20th century period piece high school sex romp from the 80s? Don’t miss out on cable TV classic Mischief.

That said, in its current state, the site is something slightly less than a novelty. However, it’s an interesting diversion for a few minutes as the site allows for user submitted reviews of nudity, which currently has gems like, “The godfather (marlon brando) sticks his finger up a tight chicks asshole,” [sic] for Last Tango in Paris.

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3 Responses to Bateflix — Finding Nipples On Netflix

  1. Phil Landsberg April 12, 2012 at 2:53 PM CDT #

    You had me at nipples.

    Who needscan fast-forward anymore?
    BateFlix to the rescue!

    Thanks, Techcitement!

  2. Brad Hawkins April 12, 2012 at 4:37 PM CDT #

    I think this writer has it summed up nicely in the first paragraph — there’s a nostalgic quality to seeking out nudity in mainstream films. There IS a lot of porn on the internet, but something (albeit not much) to be said for softcore, Cinemax fare; it harkens back to a simpler time, when we’d rent movies that we could reasonably pass off to our parents as “legitimate” and fast-forward to the nipple parts, aided by our (surreptitiously purchased) copy of The Bare Facts Movie Guide, we had smuggled Playboys under our mattresses, and hard-core pornography (let alone actual intercourse) was a much-whispered-about pipe dream.(assume “I” for all values of “we”)


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