Adult Swim Opens Dexter’s Laboratory Up One More Time

Dexter's Laboratory

Almost 10 years after the final episode of Dexter’s Laboratory aired on Cartoon Network, the channel has finally released a much-rumored lost episode. This lost episode, called “Dexter’s Rude Removal”, was originally created to show during Cartoon Network parties and has only rarely been seen at a small handful of animation conventions. Why the secrecy around one episode of a cartoon series? Cartoon Network refused to air the episode due to coarse language and situations.

Gendy Tartakovsky, the creator of Dexter’s Laboratory (along with creating Samurai Jack; being the supervising producer, director, and a writer of The Powerpuff Girls; and the director and writer of Hotel Transylvania), had other ideas. During an IAmA appearance on Reddit back in October 2012, Tartakovsky directly answered a question of whether or not he’d make the episode available.

Next time I do a public appearance I’ll bring it with me!

It looks like you won’t have to seek out a convention appearance by Tartakovsky though, because he’s worked out a deal with Adult Swim to release the episode online. So, without further ado, here’s the episode’s description and the episode itself. Enjoy.

Dexter’s Rude Removal: Dexter’s latest invention is going to give the censor “bleep” quite a workout.

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