Ron Paul Indie Game Hops And Bops Its Way To Smaller Government

Boy, oh boy, the internet loves Ron Paul.  The “I think I can, I think I can” of a GOP presidential candidate never fails to inspire love among his netroots following; and now, Politico reports that an enterprising soul is making an indie video game starring the Texas congressman/presidential candidate/implausibly utopian libertarian idealist.

Not a fake poster


The game itself sounds like a cross between a Mario-style platformer and Lemmings. The game’s Kickstarter page describes the gameplay thusly: “There’s no ‘beating up monsters until they’re dead’ aspect. You must guide the baddies through each level.” The game’s creator, Daniel Williams, further promises “13 Boss Fights representing each branch of the Federal Reserve” and “bonus unlockable characters” who will presumably be other mold-breaking GOP figures such as ahem, well, yes. Anyway, there’ll be unlockable characters.

Williams has already nearly doubled his Kickstarter funding goal as of this writing, but you can always chip in some more cash if you’re so inclined. But Williams says the game is his “gift to the liberty-loving community” so if you’re ambivalent about liberty, put your filthy, stinking government-c0ntrolled money away.

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