Mars: War Logs Preview And Screenshots


Mars: War Logs explores life on Mars a century after a catastrophe that destroyed any sense of order or law. Since then, water has become the most precious resource and frequently acts as a catalyst between corporate warfare for control of this invaluable resource.

Players experience the cyberpunk action RPG as Roy Temperance, a Martian renegade. Players can develop and improve Temperance’s combat style, choosing to focus on certain strengths over others while utilizing a crafting system to overpower Martian monsters. Also, the game promotes an in-depth dialogue system in which actions and decisions affect the destiny of Mars or “perhaps the fate of all colonies on Mars.”

There are so many different aspects that a game like this can cover. Players could explore the seedy slums where drug runners are paid in water or a recently uncovered tomb in the middle of the desert, Indiana Jones style. Maybe, just maybe, there are giant sand worms hidden beyond civilization.

The screen shots for the game are listed below, but I can’t tell what’s scarier: the corporation’s private security force or the unknown creatures lurking beneath the red sands. Developed by Spiders Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive, the game will release some time in 2013 for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You can bet that we’ll have a review on the Mars: War Logs as soon as it comes out.

What’s your favorite thing about future Mars?









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