A Crossbow That Fires Buzzsaws Is Headline Enough


Patrick Priebe of Laser-Gadgets.com may have a little too much time on his hands, but please, don’t let him know I said that. Previously, he’s made such weapons of mass destruction as a laser-equipped, wrist-mounted crossbow and the Flame Glove, which lets you shoot flames. From a glove. Now, he’s gone one step further into making video game-inspired violence a reality with a crossbow that fires spinning 2″ buzzsaws about five meters.

The frightening, albeit cool, weapon launches those spinning discs of death hard enough to stick in corrugated cardboard or slice so far into the meat of a watermelon it disappears beneath the skin. So the accuracy isn’t that great — makes you wonder why he bothered to stick a laser sight on the thing, other than that the name of the sight is Laser-Gadgets. Still, if you don’t want one, you’re a liar.

Or someone who values keeping all of your fingers intact.

I clearly don’t care. Gimme the buzzsaw-shooting crossbow!

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