Crayola Headphones From Griffin Make Music Colorful, Quieter


Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer shoved a crayon up his nose? According to Griffin and Crayola, Homer picked the wrong orifice, with the release of their new line of headphones.

MyPhones, which come in both earbud and over-the-ear styles, aren’t just designed to draw the kiddies in with wacky, super colorful designs — they may also protect your precious darling’s hearing as well. No matter what you do, you can’t get them to play more than 85 decibels, thanks to always-on sound limiting technology. It doesn’t matter how loud junior wants to rock out to Raffi, the kid is stuck listening at a safe level.

The earbuds even come in a crayon carrying case, so you don’t lose your replaceable bud tips. They come in a host of crayon colors as well —¬†purple pizzazz, cotton candy (pink), Caribbean green, and blueberry. So, ignore everything your kindergarten and elementary school teachers told you, and shove those Crayolas in your ears.

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