Google And Microsoft Working Together?

google vs microsoft

The battle between Microsoft and Google has extended into nearly every realm, encompassing a variety of services, especially their smartphone operating systems. Heating the fight up even more is Google’s decision to stop supporting Microsoft’s Exchange standard for Gmail on Windows Phone 8, calling for the usage of the more universal CardDAV and CalDAV protocols (currently used on iOS). In fact, Google has spurned Microsoft’s still-fledgling OS many times, citing Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as unfit to need its services until Microsoft proves they’re relevant enough to warrant them.

However, two things have recently occurred in this Gmail battle. Google has extended its support for Exchange until July 31, and Microsoft has confirmed it will support CardDAV and CalDAV in future versions of Windows Phone. While this certainly seems to be indicative of a more amiable relationship between these technology behemoths, this lack of general support for services only disadvantages the consumer.

As the melee between Microsoft and BlackBerry (née Research in Motion, which announced its new smartphones and BB10 just days ago) hashes out for third place in the smartphone races, this lack of collaboration, increasing exclusivity for platforms and manufacturers, and denial of apps for competing OSes will only worsen. The market needs a third player in the market for competition’s sake, and only time will tell who comes out on top.

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