Samsung Camps Out Near Apple Sydney, Undercuts iPhone 4S


As the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung continues to play out, the Korean electronics giant has decided to take it to a new and interesting level. They’ve rented a shop right by Apple’s downtown Sydney (as in Australia) shop with the hopes of snagging some buyers.

To sweeten the pot, they’re also reselling their current flagship, the Galaxy S II for a mere $2 AU to the first 10 people in line each day. I’m in the middle of spending some time with the AT&T version of that handset (stay tuned for a review), and I think that’s a heck of a deal. Yes, the 4S has Siri and is all kinds of hot, with over a million pre-orders in 24 hours. However, the Galaxy S II is no slouch. If you can score one for two bills, you should be quite pleased.

This is a brilliant bit of salesmanship, especially coming after the questionable use of the death of Apple’s co-founder as a reason why Samsung delayed their recent press event and not for any rumored technical or legal reasons.


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