Best Buy Prankster Teaches Us All an Important Lesson

Isn’t being connected great? You can get on the internet from your computer, your tablet, your phone. Just about anywhere. The most convenient thing is how you don’t have to worry about entering any of those pesky passwords like you would on a public terminal. After all, it’s your device, right? When are you letting it out of your sight?

Even a cartoon mouse can see where this is going.


That’s what people like Rich Dewberry of Denver think, anyway:

Dewberry was lucky enough to get his defective handset replaced at his local Best Buy. That’s where his luck ended though. You see, Rich neglected to erase his phone when surrendering it. Imagine his surprise when he found his Facebook status said “I am gay. Im coming out” (typo is the prankster’s, not mine). This resulted in a deluge of calls and emails. While Rich was told that the employee was fired (ABC couldn’t get that confirmed), the damage (from Rich’s perceptive) was done.

The moral of this story is always, and I mean always, erase your phone when handing it over to a repair center. If that seems intimidating, you can find the way to hard reset (not “hard sweep”, as the reporter says) any model phone with a quick web search. Even if your phone is broken, there’s usually a way.

Remember, don’t be a Dewberry — delete your data.


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