Why I Got the iPhone 4S


Remember that transition in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the monkey throws a bone into the air, and it turns into a spaceship? That’s what I just did by upgrading my Razr phone to an iPhone 4S. I’d had my Razr phone for seven years and it was nothing but good to me. Sturdy construction, great specs, futuristic flip-open action, and internet access, even if it was crippled internet access. But as I stated, in my previous article, it was time for an upgrade.

Not quite the new "Jesus phone," the 4s is more of a "Holy Ghost phone."

Hype/disappointment aside, the iPhone 4S on Verizon meets all my criteria, especially good coverage in New York City. As for hype, Siri is better/worse than I want it (her?) to be. There are huge tracts of things that she (it?) can’t do, but over the last week and a half, I’ve used Siri consistently for checking the weather, making GPS-enabled reminders, taking notes, and making tweets. For someone who’s forgetful and likes to make a lot of lists, this is perfect; especially considering the tipping point for my phone decision ultimately was Siri. Not because she’s so awesome now (she isn’t that great), but because I want to shill my dollars to show support for the growth of this technology. I’m excited about improvements in A.I. I already spend a lot of time playing with Cleverbot and if I’d had a smartphone before this, Siri-the-limited-app would’ve been on it.

Aside from needing a good case, I’m overall very happy with my new phone. Not a single dropped call, hundreds of apps to discover, my camera is amazing, and of course, it’s not a blackberry.

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