YouTube — Saving Ladies From Portapotties At Lollapalooza And Austin City Limits

Seriously people. I’m a lady. And thank god YouTube finally recognized it. I’ve never been one who can appreciate the enormous mess you find yourself in when you venture into a large music festival. It’s hot, a bottle of water costs eight billion dollars, several people end up at the hospital, you end up with drugs in your body whether you want to or not, parking is a bitch, BO is through the roof, and the food is not for those who have small bills in their pockets or an eye on their waist line. Oh, and porta potties.  Gross. It may be worth overlooking all of these things for the hour I get to see my favorite band play, but after their last song is over, escaping the event is no small task. Well, YouTube finally wised up and developed a solution for a lady like myself. Google’s YouTube is going to stream Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza live. Yeah. You totally heard me right. You can now experience the Austin City Limits Festival and Lollapalooza in the comfort of your overstuffed chair and a half.

Why is this union between YouTube and large scale music festivals so great? First of all, getting a ticket to one of these events can run you about $150 or more. That’s not chump change, especially in the current economy.  Even if my most beloved band was coming and I made the decision to put all my ladyness aside and brave the hippy elements, mud, and second-hand smoke, the likelihood of me validating the $100+ cost of a ticket is slim. In addition, these festivals sell out almost immediately. Austin’s population is larger than these music festivals can accommodate for. It blows my mind that when you have several acres of land to cram people into, you can still run out of room.  Billions of people try to snag tickets for these events, so it’s generally only a matter of days before you’re out of luck. So, not only is it a matter of cash, but now it’s a matter of being lucky as well. Thankfully, I can now view my favorite band and the ones I’m only moderately fanatical about all from the comfort of my bunny slippers. You’ll be able to sit in your favorite chair, tune into your computer, and watch hours of music from ACL and Lollapalooza. YouTube has created the home-live music experience, and this experience  comes with all the free water you can drink.

I know, some of you are diehard music fans. Nothing would keep you from being in the front row watching your favorite band, despite the stoned chick trying to dance up on you or the dude aimlessly throwing around his cigarette as if my face isn’t two inches from his hand. Seriously, I commend you and the cigarette burn scar you now have. You are noble and loyal and will have another memory to add to your pile of memories. However, there is one perk that YouTube streamers will be getting that festival attendees will miss out on. What could you possible miss out on you ask? Oh, just exclusive back stage footage and interviews with the bands that will also be streaming live to me and my bunny slippers. Also, YouTube will keep the footage up for four weeks after the festivals close. What’s not to love about this situation?

No matter how you look at it, there’s no downside to the union between digital technology and live music. The relationship is long overdue. I even think it’s possible to make your home experience just as fabulous as attending the event. You may even forget you aren’t actually there and end up screaming your head off as your favorite song comes streaming through your surround sound speakers. I may even give a very dignified, vigorous, and lady-like golf clap from my comfy chair.


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