obsolete camera

The Obsolescence Of The DSLR Camera

SLR cameras have long been a staple of photography, dating back to the days of film. Short for Single Lens Reflex, the SLR gets its moniker from a spring loaded mirror behind the lens which reflects the view from the lens back up to the user.  When the shutter button on an SLR is pressed, […]

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Outlook for Mac

Mac Users Finally Get A New Outlook

Microsoft recently released a new version of Outlook for Mac OS X users, for those with Office 365 subscriptions. Office for Mac was last updated in 2011, marking the first time Mac users had a version of the Outlook mail, calendar scheduling, and contact management application. (The previous equivalent to Outlook for Windows was called […]

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Street Harassment

Safety Tech: Self-security In The 21st Century

Recently, a video was released of a woman, Shoshana Roberts, walking through the streets of New York, being harassed as she goes. Putting aside issues (and there are issues) of the races that were edited out, it’s important to note that her experience was quite sadly typical for a New Yorker. The culture of the New […]

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