One Response to Sprint Mobile Email Rides Off Into Sunset

  1. Gregg February 6, 2014 at 7:34 AM CDT #

    A lot of us miss it BADLY. Sprint’s mobile email service was great–fast, easy, and extremely easy & convenient to use– whereas the alternatives left on my phone, or the downloadable mobile email services– are SLOW and very inconvenient. Sprint seems not to give a darn anymore about basic phone users, though my monthly bill with a basic phone is $70.00.

    While my Sprint Wireless Backup (backs up to a Sprint server my new and deleted contacts within seconds, and works perfectly) for $2.00/month still works, they haven’t offered it on any new basic phone for 2+ years. Imagine losing your phone, or it being stolen or broken, and having to manually input 600 contacts all over again, which is how many I have . . .

    It seems Sprint is happy to remove two of the most important things on a cell phone: email and backing up of contacts. What next, removing the microphone and earpiece? The latter is evidently only a matter of time with Sprint, as apparently phones aren’t meant to be used as phones anymore, but something on which to use “apps” and to watch TV, listen to music, take pictures, and navigate your car. Talking on the phone, too? Nope, that’s for the unhip, and Sprint isn’t interested in THEM.

    This Feb. 2014 mobile email removal is probably what will cause me to leave Sprint after 13 years as a loyal customer when my contract expires in a couple of months. For basic phone users, they just make it so obvious that they want us to leave if we won’t let them force us into smart phones with the above moves. Until the summer of 2013, they had offered phone plans for $29.99 and $39.99/month, for people on limited incomes or who just didn’t have the money or preference to spend a lot on a phone bill; well, those plans are gone, too . . . nowhere on the Sprint website anymore.

    Companies seem to be forever cutting costs, meaning laying off workers and reducing services to customers–who will leave. A monkey could be a CEO who cuts costs, that takes no brains or education. Hey, where are any CEOs with vision, who actually can see how to grow the top line (sales) though innovation, seeing the future of their industry, offering value to customers, and good marketing??? There are few such CEOs anymore.