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Review: Test Driving Sprint’s LTE Network

One of the big perks about my new hometown, Houston, is that it’s one of the select few cities where Sprint’s high speed LTE network has been rolled out. This replaces the original high-speed WiMax network, largely spanked by AT&T and Verizon’s LTE networks. Heck, in some cases T-Mobile’s HSPA+ has beaten Sprint’s WiMax, and […]

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Virgin And Boost Dole Out Ice Cream Sandwich

It feels like it was only last week that the Techcitement writing staff was complaining amongst themselves about the slow adoption of Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Despite the fact that 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is already out, you can count the ICS devices out there on your hands. Boost Mobile and Virgin, one of the […]

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T-Mobile To Revive True Unlimited Mobile Internet

My first cellphone was a T-Mobile cellphone, back when the company was called VoiceStream. Back then, it was the best value for wireless data usage. You could hook any Windows Mobile or Palm Device with a modem to what was meant to be its low-end data service for feature phones, T-Zones. Even after T-Zones officially […]

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Review: Virgin Mobile EVO V 4G Wants You To Despoil It

The biggest plus of a service like Virgin Mobile is that you can save a lot of money using no-contract phone service, as long as you pay up-front for a phone. The biggest minus, however, is that the available phones were not much to write home about.  Sure, the HTC Wildfire and Motorola Triumph are […]

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Review: Huawei Activa 4G, A Reminder Of What Used To Be

MetroPCS has a great agenda: affordable smartphones that don’t require a contract. Unfortunately, driving a phone down to $149 or $199 without subsidy often requires manufacturers to make cutbacks, especially to fit in LTE (complete with metroPCS’s fledgling coverage). Huawei did this maneuver with the Activa 4G I’ve been testing the last few weeks. This […]

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Review: HTC EVO 4G LTE For Sprint Is Full Of Sound And Fury

Sprint first introduced its EVO line in 2010 with the classic EVO 4G. This 4.3″, WiMax-connected behemoth did a great job as the company’s flagship phone, spinning off the EVO Design, Shift, and 3D, all fine phones in their own way. None, however, seemed to get as much attention as that first model. We at […]

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Why You Should Not Get An iPhone Now

I was recently asked the best place to buy a new iPhone, and my immediate response was, “Nowhere. Don’t buy an iPhone.” Before anyone accuses me of being an Android fanboy, please remember that I do not hate the iPhone. What I do hate is seeing people waste money. Simply put, right now, the iPhone […]

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Review: LG Viper LTE Lacks A Bit Of Bite

This has been an impressive year for smartphones. Indeed, with units like the RAZR MAXX,  Galaxy Nexus, and HTC’s One line, I think we’re seeing a real transition to superphones. Then there’s the LG Viper, a far more mild-mannered option. Despite being the first LTE phone released on Sprint (by a whole day), the Viper […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy S III Coming To The U.S. This Month

Good news, everyone. You can stop being so envious of European techies. While they’ve been lucky enough to have Samsung’s new flagship for a month now, we in the U.S. can get our hands on it this month. Samsung announced that the device will come out shortly for multiple U.S. carriers. T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon […]

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Techcitement Guide: Graduate Your Graduates’ Smartphones

Graduation is an exciting time for any student, and that goes for anyone graduating from high school, college, or even graduate school this year. New graduates need to have the edge wherever their next step will be, whether it’s in the business world or further into academia. An important component of this edge is a […]

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