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Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick Has A Few Kinks To Work Out


Guest review by Nat Gertler Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick is the e-tailing giant’s entry into the TV-streamers-on-an-HDMI-dongle market, facing up against Google’s Chromecast and the Roku stick. Like Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick is an affordable piece of electronics, a $39 item initially dropped to $20 for early-adopting Amazon Prime members. It has two strong advantages over the Chromecast that […]

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Amazon Unleashes A Flood Of Kindle Updates, Including One For Your Guppies

Amazon Kindles

Amazon’s Kindle line is one of the biggest recent success stories in consumer electronics. With a custom Android OS, Amazon prices them lower than other vendors because it’s seen as a “digital shopping cart” to consume the e-tailing giant’s products. Last night, Amazon unveiled a whole ton of updates, including one parents will love. Before we […]

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Amazon Sparks Set-top Box Competition With Release Of Fire TV


Let’s face it, television setups are complicated these days. We have broadcast, cable, satellite, and a plethora of streaming services. Getting said streaming services on to your TV might mean having an AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast or some other solution. The problem is that most of those solutions are complicated or at least involve multiple steps […]

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Crowdsource Your Book With New Online Publishers


Last week, Amazon’s Publishing Group announced the launch of a seventh imprint, this one specifically for literary fiction including novels, short story collections, and memoirs. The imprint will go by the name Little A, as well as a digital-only version called Day One for individual stories from debut writers. Amazon’s new imprint follows in the […]

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Hour’s Worth of New York Minutes Fit In One Internet Minute


Have you visited Facebook in the last minute? So have 276,000 other people. How about watched a YouTube video? You joined an audience of 1.3 million. Tweeted about how much you have to get done today in so little time? So have 100,000 other people using Twitter. These numbers and more come form Intel, who […]

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