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On The Cheap: SwiftKey Goes Free

Source: Swiftkey

Just typing on soft keyboards is out of fashion. Nowadays it’s all about swiping. The functionality is already built into the last two versions of the Android keyboard, will be part of Windows Phone 8.1 and is even going to be part of iOS 8 via 3rd parties. One of those third parties will be one […]

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Review: The LG G2, A Gorgeous Phone With Few Drawbacks

The G2 is LG’s latest Android handset making the rounds of all of the major carriers. It sports a sleek, slim design; a wide, bright screen; and lightning-fast LTE connectivity. Let’s see if all of those adjectives add up to a worthwhile phone. First Impressions The packaging is minimal. This Verizon branded demo unit came […]

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Google Grabs For Your Wrist – And Wallet – With Android Wear

With wearable computing the current “next big thing”, it would have been silly to think Google was going to settle for Glass as the only entry in that market. The search and operating system juggernaut unveiled Android Wear yesterday, a partnership with assorted handset makers to create new wearable devices running Android. Partners include LG, […]

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CES 2014 Roundup: Asus Brings The Android Love, With A Windows Twist

Yesterday was a busy day for ASUS at the Consumer Electronics Show. Already well-regarded for the Transformer line of Android tablets, the Taiwanese computer giant — fifth in sales worldwide — showed off impressive devices. First on our radar is the PadPhone X. If the name seems unfamiliar, that may have to do with the […]

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Moto G Raises The Low-End Bar

The high-end, on-contract end of the smartphone market tends to get the bulk of everyone’s attention. Unlocked phones tend to be either high price or have less than desirable specs. Motorola is trying to change that with the Moto G. With similar styling to the high-end Moto X, the Moto G has several small but […]

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Review: The Lenovo Yoga 10 On A Scale Of One To Ten

Talk about instant gratification. Not even 24 hours after writing about Lenovo’s new Yoga tablet line, Techcitement found one waiting for us on our stoop to review. Specifically, it’s the 10″ model. Considering the excitement levels we have for this device, we’re going to jump right in. Did the reality match our expectations? First Impressions […]

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A DIY Phone Could Be On The Way

Being a tech blogger means your friends are always sending you emails with a subject line similar to “Have you seen this?” Sometimes, it’s news to us. Sometimes, it’s old hat. What’s interesting is when multiple people send us the same information over and over. That’s usually a good sign that something has captured the […]

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Say Namaste To Lenovo’s New Yoga Tablets

We’ve reviewed our fair share of Lenovo tablets and are presently testing two more of them. One opinion common to all the models is that they lack something physically outstanding. They are, by and large, Android slates with a Lenovo skin. In a field full of Android slates, manufacturers need to do something to stand […]

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The Coolest Lighter In The Smokers Lounge

I just completed several days of testing the Lightercase, a gadget billed as the “World’s First Ever” protective smartphone case with a built-in no flame/fuel cigarette lighter and LED flashlight. The product only exists in a prototype stage, with an IndieGoGo campaign aiming at receiving enough funding to start production in time for the holidays. […]

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CyanogenMod Installer Is Almost Too Easy

CyanogenMod has been my preferred version of Android since shortly after I bought a Droid Incredible four years ago. The Incredible was a great little phone, but I was hungry for the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. I spent hours fiddling with drivers, command-line programs I didn’t really understand, and custom recoveries that didn’t […]

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