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First Impressions: Upgrading From iPhone 5s To 6

Unless your home address is under a large rock in the middle of a desert, you’ve surely read or watched plenty of media coverage of Apple’s latest smartphone by now. However, I find myself reviewing the new iPhone 6 from the perspective of one who used the previous flagship phone, the iPhone 5s. In all […]

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Apple Knows What It Takes To Get You To Keep Buying iPhones

Variety reports that Apple has already made over four million pre-sales for the iPhone 6 and 6+, and that’s just in the first 24 hours since the announcement. This is contrary to expectations. After all, what does the iPhone 6 add that’s so new? Not only did we have the typical “evolutionary, not revolutionary” complaints, but […]

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A Few Minutes On The New Apple Watch

For years now, tech enthusiasts have been clamoring for a smartwatch from Apple. Apple, being smart, has sat this out, looking at the emerging market. Pebble and Android Wear have shown that there’s certainly a demand for it, and Apple has now tried to top them, but it’s unsure how well they accomplished that. Don’t […]

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On The Cheap: You May Want To Skip Walmart And Best Buy’s iPhone Sales

Apple’s colorful 5c has been something of an object of derision by serious tech users, but the sales have certainly been impressive. Look down your nose all you want, but Apple has moved a ton of units. One reason is likely the fact that retailers have been aggressive with pricing, something atypical for iPhones. Recently, […]

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Devs Get Fired Up As Apple Announces OSX 10.10 Yosemite

Today was Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, aka WWDC and CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to give a heck of a Keynote. Along the way he introduced the newest version of Mac OS, code-named Yosemite. First, let’s touch on a statistic Apple threw out: the majority of Mac users are using 10.9, Mavericks. […]

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Eating My Words On Office For iPad

Source: Reuters.com

Despite my dismissal of Office for iPad as “too little, too late“, users appear to be flocking to the new app. The Seattle Times reports twelve million downloads in the mere seven days since launch. Sure, just because someone downloaded an app doesn’t mean said app is being used. It also doesn’t mean even those […]

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iPad 2 Finally Gets Discontinued As 8 GB iPhone 5C Debuts

Source: Apple.com

Considering that the iPad 2 first came out in 2011, it’s a bit wild to think that it’s just now getting taken off of Apple’s virtual shelves. Three years is an impressive shelf live for a device, especially when there’s an annual update. Apple has replaced the A5 powered, dock connector-sporting old school tablet by […]

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Apple Announcements Recap: New Hardware, Software Updates, And The Latest OS

Whenever there’s an Apple event, there’s a feeling of tons of information being thrown at you all at once. Let’s try to get through it together. While not the first thing mentioned, Mac OS 10.9 aka Mavericks is absolutely one of the most important. Mavericks is designed to be a more dynamic OS, freeing up systems resources […]

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Quiet Refresh Brings Apple iMac Updates

Earlier this week, Apple announced a refresh of the 21″ and 27″ iMac. While not an unexpected update to the product line, Apple released it with little fanfare, surprising many of the Mac faithful who awaited official announcements of new Mac systems in October. The update breaks down in the following ways: The popular all-in-one […]

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On The Cheap: Walmart Rolls Back Prices On iPhone 5S And 5C

If you’re sick of hearing talk about the new iPhones, click away from here now. For those who are interested, Walmart will sell the Apple products at a discount from day one. The high-end 5s has a $10 savings at $189, and the 5c has a slightly more palatable $79 price tag. The retail giant […]

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