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Safety Tech: Self-Security In The 21st Century

Recently, a video was released of a woman, Shoshana Roberts, walking through the streets of New York, being harassed as she goes. Putting aside issues (and there are issues) of the races that were edited out, it’s important to note that her experience was quite sadly typical for a New Yorker. The culture of the New […]

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On The Cheap: Sprint Introduces All You Can Eat App Buffet AppPass

Let’s be blunt: having more than one app store on a device gets annoying. If you have Google Play, do you really need a separate curated source of apps from Samsung, Lenovo, or HTC? Some vendors get around the nuance by adding value – like Amazon and the daily free app deals. Others have walked […]

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Quick Alternatives For A Cashless World

“I don’t carry cash.” This has become a reoccurring mantra for many people these days what with the proliferation of credit cards, debit cards, Google Wallets, PayPal options, and other paper money substitutes. Sure, some people use this as an easy way to get out of being the one to leave a tip in a […]

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SXSW: International Companies To Keep An Eye, Ear, And Brain On

Scattered in the landscape of the SXSW trade show, companies from around the world planted their flags to claim different digital plots of land as their own. Some of these companies were more successful than others and we’ll likely see them show up again as either helping to revolutionize the way we think about X […]

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TiVo Slide Remote: Get It While You Can

Dear TiVo, As any of my dedicated readers know, I love your service. Shortly after my husband and I had our first child, we realized we needed a DVR if we were ever going to watch TV again, and we welcomed out first TiVo box to the family. When the Slide remote came on the […]

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On the Cheap: Crazy Eights For Windows Phone App Developers

Windows Phone 8 is here and for the first time in a long time, the general public seems interested in a Windows smartphone. Microsoft has heard the complaints from Windows Phone 7 users who wanted more apps. The previous attempt at a mobile OS lacked such stalwarts as Pandora and, curiously as Microsoft owns it, […]

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NBC Potentially Kind Of Fixed Its Horrible Olympics Apps So They’re Almost But Not Quite Usable! USA! USA! USA!

With days left before the opening ceremonies at the 2012 London Olympics, NBC and Adobe has made their Olympics Android apps available to a wider (but still not universal) audience. You might want to hold off on celebrating, though. The predictable basics (schedules, results, breaking updates) are present, but past that, both the main NBC […]

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NBC Has Two Olympics Apps For Android That You Probably Can’t Use

With just days left before the opening of the 2012 Olympic games in London, it’s time to get your mobile devices ready. NBC, which again has the exclusive United States broadcasting rights to the games, has partnered with Adobe to release two separate Android apps to augment its official coverage. The main app, NBC Olympics, […]

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Review: Leave Your Stupid [Articles, Images, And Videos] In Your Pocket

It’s been a month since the popular news reader app Read It Later was rebuilt and rebranded as Pocket. The app is also now free with the change, so if you’ve been staying away from Read It Later because of the $2.99 price tag, now’s your chance. I’ve been using it for a few weeks […]

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SnApp Judgments: X-Men

Every night at 12:15 AM Pacific, Amazon gives away a free paid app through their Amazon app store. As I am usually awake at 12:15 AM Pacific, why not let you know if today’s app is useful, or just more clutter in your app drawer? Today’s free app is X-Men by Konami Digital Entertainment and usually runs for […]

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