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Voting: Do It Wrong And Your Family Dies


Joss Whedon’s viral endorsement makes some interesting points, especially the one where my brains are eaten because I voted incorrectly. The short video exemplifies the utility and ease of spreading information, especially political news, but also encapsulates the charm and personality of the internet. The internet, in its essence, is creative freedom in all directions […]

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Holy Blanking Blank! Techcitment Appears On The Colbert Report


Last night, Techcitement received a nod from The Colbert Report — winner of multiple Emmys, two Peabody awards, a special recognition by the GLAAD Media awards, and current home to Captain America’s shield — for its article bout male birth control by Jon Clinkenbeard. During a segment called “Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, […]

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Could This Male Contraceptive Pill Make A Vas Deferens In The Fight Against HIV?

bw pills

  First of all, I won’t apologize for the pun in the title. Secondly, it seems my first male contraceptive article stirred up a lot of controversy about the hypothetical anti-HIV properties of RISUG (shared from a journal named, appropriately, Medical Hypotheses). After speaking with the makers of the U.S. version, they mentioned that although this […]

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