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Facebook Finally Kicks Click Bait To The Curb


You’ve seen the click-bait headlines. “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED WHEN…” “THIS VIDEO MADE ME FURIOUS, THEN MY HEART SOARED!” “THIS FAMOUS PERSON DID SOMETHING AMAZING AND IT BLEW MY MIND!” “…I SOBBED WHEN I SAW #5!” Headlines like these have screamed just enough information at Facebook users to make us curious, and prompted just […]

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New York Comic Con Says Sorry For Hijacking Attendees’ Social Network Accounts


I’m not terribly homesick for New York most of the time, but I admit to missing New York Comic Con quite a bit. It was always a blast. This year, those in attendance received a special surprise: Social network updates they’d never actually made. First reported by Polygon and brought to our attention by Jonah […]

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#Hashtags Come To Facebook

Facebook hashtag

Facebook has introduced the use of hashtags to its search feature for people to more easily track topics such as who said that funny thing about Game of Thrones, who’s currently bored at their jobs, who’s angry about politics today, and who’s promoting a show they have this weekend. Users can now click on the […]

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Facebook, Reddit, And A Midnight Firefight: What The Internet Got Wrong About Watertown

Photo by Aram Boghosian/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

  Like many people who live in a time zone an hour or so behind the East Coast, I found myself awake late Thursday night, following the terrifying events that unfolded in Boston. I  watched and listened as the seemingly isolated, if tragic, shooting of an MIT police officer quickly became linked to a car […]

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