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Techcitement Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick Has A Few Kinks To Work Out

Guest review by Nat Gertler Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick is the e-tailing giant’s entry into the TV-streamers-on-an-HDMI-dongle market, facing up against Google’s Chromecast and the Roku stick. Like Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick is an affordable piece of electronics, a $39 item initially dropped to $20 for early-adopting Amazon Prime members. It has two strong advantages over the Chromecast that […]

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Review: Sharp’s AQUOS Crystal Has One Clear Advantage

While smaller companies keep trying to beat Apple and Samsung out for at least a level of brand recognition, for the most part, those two companies rule the roost while HTC, LG, and Motorola vie to keep up at the edges as Kyocera, ZTE, and Alcatel battle it out for the mid-range and low-end. With all […]

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The Obsolescence Of The DSLR Camera

SLR cameras have long been a staple of photography, dating back to the days of film. Short for Single Lens Reflex, the SLR gets its moniker from a spring loaded mirror behind the lens which reflects the view from the lens back up to the user.  When the shutter button on an SLR is pressed, […]

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Mac Users Finally Get A New Outlook

Microsoft recently released a new version of Outlook for Mac OS X users, for those with Office 365 subscriptions. Office for Mac was last updated in 2011, marking the first time Mac users had a version of the Outlook mail, calendar scheduling, and contact management application. (The previous equivalent to Outlook for Windows was called […]

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Safety Tech: Self-Security In The 21st Century

Recently, a video was released of a woman, Shoshana Roberts, walking through the streets of New York, being harassed as she goes. Putting aside issues (and there are issues) of the races that were edited out, it’s important to note that her experience was quite sadly typical for a New Yorker. The culture of the New […]

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On The Cheap: Amazon Brandishes Fire Stick; Shoots Special Price At Prime Members

Despite Apple calling the Apple TV a “hobby”, TV streamers are big business. Amazon has been doing a great job of selling the still-fairly-new Fire TV system. Voice search and integration with Prime Instant Video have been big points in favor, but not so much the $99 price tag. After all, you can get same […]

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Drop Aims To Make Your Kitchen Measurably Smarter

Confession: When Techcitement saw the Drop being demoed at a recent event, we almost walked right past it. A connected scale? Big deal. Except the Drop is more than a scale that shows results on your tablet (iOS only for now, Android coming soon). The goal with Drop isn’t just connectivity, but contextual awareness. You […]

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First Impressions: Upgrading From iPhone 5s To 6

Unless your home address is under a large rock in the middle of a desert, you’ve surely read or watched plenty of media coverage of Apple’s latest smartphone by now. However, I find myself reviewing the new iPhone 6 from the perspective of one who used the previous flagship phone, the iPhone 5s. In all […]

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HP Brings Quality To Budget Computing With The Stream Line

For the last few months, there’s been a rumor that HP was going to announce a laptop for under $200. People were let down when the initial 14″ Stream was announced at the still-pretty-good-if-you-ask-me price of $299. It turns out HP wasn’t done just yet. It turns out though that the Stream isn’t a product, […]

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ScanSnap Serves Up Image Capture Options In Grande, Vente, And Trenta

Way back in 2011, Techcitement got to run the ScanSnap S1100 through the paces. We were impressed and it has come in handy for sudden scan needs. Except as you all know, tech doesn’t sit still. What has the company been up to since? For one thing, there’s the impressive looking update to the S1100, as […]

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