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What You Laughed And Groaned At On April Fools’ Day 2013

Hulu April 2

April Fools’ Day has become a time when corporations let their marketing and creative departments loose to create online trickery and fake headlines with the orders of, “Make this go viral.” It’s also the time of year when many people refuse to check their email, get on Facebook, log on to Twitter, and now avoid […]

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Google And Microsoft Working Together?

google vs microsoft

The battle between Microsoft and Google has extended into nearly every realm, encompassing a variety of services, especially their smartphone operating systems. Heating the fight up even more is Google’s decision to stop supporting Microsoft’s Exchange standard for Gmail on Windows Phone 8, calling for the usage of the more universal CardDAV and CalDAV protocols […]

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Googlighting? Is Microsoft Starting A New Fire?


Googlighting, Microsoft’s latest Google-bashing attempt, has resulted in another commercial by the corporate giant. This time, Microsoft specifically attacks Google’s line of cloud services, including Google Docs and Gmail through a mock interview and singing parody. Microsoft’s Google Man steps into the office of a CEO, trying to sell Google’s cloud collaboration software to be […]

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