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Google For The Classroom Learns A Valuable Lesson

Education is a growing market in the world of the internet. Globally, it’s worth $4.4 trillion. The U.S. makes up a quarter of that, with the K — 12 market being worth $7.5 Billion alone. A lot of people in Start-Up Land want a slice of that pie. With any luck, the Texas State Board […]

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Four Awesome Google Street View Hacks

We’ve used Google Maps’ Street View (GSV) to look at our houses, our jobs, and to cyber stalk the places we used to live. I’ve seen the since-wrecked pick-up I used to own parked outside job sites with a twinge of loss. I use Street View to see what kinds of venues bands are playing […]

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Google Grabs For Your Wrist – And Wallet – With Android Wear

With wearable computing the current “next big thing”, it would have been silly to think Google was going to settle for Glass as the only entry in that market. The search and operating system juggernaut unveiled Android Wear yesterday, a partnership with assorted handset makers to create new wearable devices running Android. Partners include LG, […]

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Google Voice Allegedly Hanging Up

Don’t look now, but it appears that Google is plotting to get rid of Google Voice. As someone who uses that service as his main number, I started to freak out. Except Google isn’t ditching the concept. Rather, Google will allegedly be consolidating it into the Hangouts app. Google has already merged Google+ Messenger, Google […]

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Lenovo Buys Motorola for $3B And Officially Enters U.S. Smartphone Market

If you heard a loud thud, I apologize; that was my jaw hitting the floor. In a surprise announcement, tech giant Lenovo has purchased Motorola from Google. This staggering $2.91 billion sale has allowed Lenovo to leapfrog from having no footprint in the U.S. market to a decent chunk of mind-share and a not too shabby […]

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Google Buys Itself A Three Billion Dollar Nest

In a rather surprising move, Google purchases Nest for $3.2 billion. Obviously, this is excellent news for Nest CEO, Tony Fadell, but what does it mean for current and future customers of the Nest thermostat or smoke detector, and why did Google deem it worth over four times as much as Instagram? According to Fadell’s […]

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Moto G Raises The Low-End Bar

The high-end, on-contract end of the smartphone market tends to get the bulk of everyone’s attention. Unlocked phones tend to be either high price or have less than desirable specs. Motorola is trying to change that with the Moto G. With similar styling to the high-end Moto X, the Moto G has several small but […]

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Review: The Lenovo Yoga 10 On A Scale Of One To Ten

Talk about instant gratification. Not even 24 hours after writing about Lenovo’s new Yoga tablet line, Techcitement found one waiting for us on our stoop to review. Specifically, it’s the 10″ model. Considering the excitement levels we have for this device, we’re going to jump right in. Did the reality match our expectations? First Impressions […]

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A DIY Phone Could Be On The Way

Being a tech blogger means your friends are always sending you emails with a subject line similar to “Have you seen this?” Sometimes, it’s news to us. Sometimes, it’s old hat. What’s interesting is when multiple people send us the same information over and over. That’s usually a good sign that something has captured the […]

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Does Android KitKat Show That The Dessert Name Needs To Be Given A Break?

Every version of Android has been named for a type of candy. That much is understand, and it’s a cute way to go about creating memorable version names. Each version has also been in alphabetical order: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the current release, Jelly Bean. Version 4.4 was expected […]

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