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HP Gets Back In Tablet Game With Slate 7


I’ve always rather admired HP’s Slate tablets. Traditionally aimed at the enterprise market, these were full Windows tablets. Despite being saddled with an operating system that wasn’t touch-intuitive, HP lavished the industrial design on the Slate line that the lamented TouchPad lacked. While consumer tablet production halted a year and a half ago, HP made […]

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LG Brings WebOS To Your TV Because No One Demanded It


While it’s true that Open webOS has successfully been ported to several devices in Alpha form, that’s a long way from being useful. Yes, HP’s spun off gram division announced Open webOS Professional, a version of its open source OS that will incorporate HP’s cloud services such as Synergy (not included in the non-Professional flavor). […]

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Acer’s CEO Has Fighting Words For Microsoft’s Surface


Microsoft’s announcement of its Surface tablets left many consumers and original equipment manufacturers (such as Acer, Dell, and HP) perplexed. Why would Microsoft seek to cannibalize its own partners’ sales of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets? This development was at the very least surprising, and at most, a direct attack on the companies who […]

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