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Google Grabs For Your Wrist – And Wallet – With Android Wear

With wearable computing the current “next big thing”, it would have been silly to think Google was going to settle for Glass as the only entry in that market. The search and operating system juggernaut unveiled Android Wear yesterday, a partnership with assorted handset makers to create new wearable devices running Android. Partners include LG, […]

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Samsung And HTC Put Minis On For Summer

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Spring saw two exciting flagship phone launches with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One. For those who wanted something with a little less flash, both companies are adding mini versions. The Galaxy S4 Mini will sport a dual-core chip behind a 4.3″ screen and smells an awful lot like rebranding […]

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Why The Galaxy S4 Google Edition Is An Awesome Thing

Google threw a little surprise at the end of last week’s Google I/O event: The search giant has teamed with Samsung to produce a “Google Edition” of the insanely popular Samsung Galaxy S4 (stay tuned for our review). Due out June 26 in the United States, the handset will feature Android in all it’s naked […]

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Will The HTC First Last?

You know what’s never a good sign? When a “hot” product has prices slashed after barely a month on the market. As such, people took notice this weekend when the HTC First was slashed in price to $0.99 with no fanfare. Now, there are rumors that this is just the first stage. AT&T reached out […]

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On The Cheap: HTC Will Pay You To Buy The HTC One

HTC was one of the first to join the smartphone party, which makes the company’s current lowest ever earnings even more disappointing. While Samsung and Apple battle for top dog, HTC has been putting out well-reviewed handsets and fighting for scraps. In a shot across everyone else’s bow, HTC is aggressively pursuing owners of existing handsets. This isn’t […]

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Review: Is The HTC Desire C An Object Of Desire?

Did you know Radio Shack sold cell service? Powered by Cricket, Radio Shack Wireless is yet one more company aimed at people who want month-to-month smartphone plans. RSW has a slightly lower range of options than most no-contract providers, with a total of five currently available handsets. The majority of those are manufactured by Huawei […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook Home If You Have Privacy Concerns

Facebook is launching its new Home on Android today. Unfortunately, the app is only available to a select few devices. If you have anything but a flagship device from HTC or Samsung, or if your phone is more than a year old, you can’t try Home yet. What you can do is update your Facebook […]

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Facebook Home: The App That Thinks It’s An Android Skin

Yesterday’s leak of the HTC First gave the impression that it was going to be the much ballyhooed Facebook Phone at last. Instead, HTC and Facebook gave us something far more interesting. The HTC First is indeed a phone with strong connections to Facebook. However, the solution that powers it, Facebook Home, is more than […]

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Facebook Says First With HTC — Details Leaked

The Facebook phone is the rumor that will not die. The closest that rumor came to becoming real was the disappointing HTC Status. Facebook hasn’t given up though, and tomorrow the company will unveil “our new home on Android.”   For those unable to make it or unwilling to wait, you can get a sneak peak at 9to5Google. […]

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On The Cheap: T-Mobile Announces Pricing And Date For iPhone 5 (And More)

People were thrilled when it was announced that T-Mobile would finally carry the iPhone. The only downside was that there was no timeline. That has changed, and we now know to expect the iPhone 5 on April 12. We also know pricing. Thanks to T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans, the iPhone 5 will be $99 down. […]

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