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IBM Bans Siri, Dropbox, iCloud And More


Following the lead of other large businesses, IBM implemented a “bring your own device” policy in 2010, allowing employees who work outside of the office to use devices other than corporate-issued smartphones. Unfortunately, the company felt it had to follow this liberal policy with a conservative ban on technologies that IBM considered potential security issues. […]

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NASA Undocks Last Mainframe


NASA CIO Linda Cureton recently blogged about NASA decommissioning the last of their mainframe computers this month. Although not the massive, room-sized machine depicted in so many sci-fi movies, NASA’s seven-year-old IBM z9 was still about the size of a large refrigerator. While there are organizations out there that require the capabilities of a mainframe […]

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Is HP About To Pull An IBM?

I wonder how Oliver would react to this.

Here’s a little history lesson for the young’uns in the room: once upon a time, IBM made typewriters. Fast forward to 1981 and they came out with the IBM Personal Computer. This was a game changer, to the point that the nickname “PC”, became the defining term for home computers. Yes, your Apple was technically […]

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