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IBM Bans Siri, Dropbox, iCloud And More

Following the lead of other large businesses, IBM implemented a “bring your own device” policy in 2010, allowing employees who work outside of the office to use devices other than corporate-issued smartphones. Unfortunately, the company felt it had to follow this liberal policy with a conservative ban on technologies that IBM considered potential security issues. […]

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NASA Undocks Last Mainframe

NASA CIO Linda Cureton recently blogged about NASA decommissioning the last of their mainframe computers this month. Although not the massive, room-sized machine depicted in so many sci-fi movies, NASA’s seven-year-old IBM z9 was still about the size of a large refrigerator. While there are organizations out there that require the capabilities of a mainframe […]

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Multiple Women Named As New CEOs; Woo For Executive Ladies!

I’m sure you know the details, but I’ll briefly go over them just in case you don’t. IBM recently named Virginia Rometty as their new CEO. She’s been with the company since 1981 when she was hired as an engineer. For the last 30 years, she’s been using that big beautiful brain of hers, her […]

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Companies Take Sim City To The Next Level

The idea of simulating an entire city on the computer has been around since at least 1987, when Maxis Software was founded and began releasing their popular Sims series. IBM now takes the idea a step further, with CityOne — a software simulation that places the user in the role of city planner, dealing with […]

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Is HP About To Pull An IBM?

Here’s a little history lesson for the young’uns in the room: once upon a time, IBM made typewriters. Fast forward to 1981 and they came out with the IBM Personal Computer. This was a game changer, to the point that the nickname “PC”, became the defining term for home computers. Yes, your Apple was technically […]

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