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Too Little, Too Late: Office Comes To The iPad

Source: Reuters.com

In a long-anticipated move, Microsoft has released a version of the ubiquitous Office Suite for iPad. Yes, now anyone can edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on an iPad. Of course, you always could. Off the top of my head, there’s Apple’s iWork solution, now free with new iOS devices. Plus, there’s Google’s Drive solution […]

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iPad 2 Finally Gets Discontinued As 8 GB iPhone 5C Debuts

Source: Apple.com

Considering that the iPad 2 first came out in 2011, it’s a bit wild to think that it’s just now getting taken off of Apple’s virtual shelves. Three years is an impressive shelf live for a device, especially when there’s an annual update. Apple has replaced the A5 powered, dock connector-sporting old school tablet by […]

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Apple Announcements Recap: New Hardware, Software Updates, And The Latest OS

Whenever there’s an Apple event, there’s a feeling of tons of information being thrown at you all at once. Let’s try to get through it together. While not the first thing mentioned, Mac OS 10.9 aka Mavericks is absolutely one of the most important. Mavericks is designed to be a more dynamic OS, freeing up systems resources […]

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SDCC: Firefly MMO Announced, Chutzpah Unintentionally Defined

Ah, San Diego Comic Con. The place where a nerd can be a nerd, a cosplayer can be a cosplayer, and small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri can be small fuzzy things from Alpha Centauri. As someone who has never attended SDCC, there are two different things I specifically look out for every year. The […]

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Review: Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix — The Evolution Of Windows 8 You’ve Been Waiting For?

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is Lenovo’s attempt at providing a convertible product that can do it all. This 11.6 inch tablet laptop hybrid packs a full Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor in a moderately light package, but it unfortunately comes without the battery enhancements of Intel’s latest Haswell digs. The tablet itself weighs 1.8 pouns, […]

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Microsoft Office Sort-Of Comes To iOS For Sort-Of Free

A long-stranding rumor has become reality with the fairly silent launch of Microsoft Office for iOS. If you already have an Office 365 account, the app is free. Don’t have one? Get one, wait for iWork in the Cloud, or use Google Drive like the rest of mankind. In a moment of WTF, the app is scaled […]

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Apple Announces iOS 7: Stunning Looks, Refined Features, And Deja Vu

Apple’s annual development conference kicked off with a hell of a keynote. One of the worst kept secrets was that Apple would be unveiling a new iOS 7. The latest version is the first helmed by Apple Design Guru Sir Jon Ives, and it shows. If you were a fan of skeuomorphism (the act of borrowing […]

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Create And Deliver Snail Mail Handwritten Cards With Felt App

In this age of instant communication, where texting is replacing phone calls and now even Facebook private messaging has started to outpace email usage, there remains a small thrill at receiving a personal letter addressed to you through traditional mail. Felt, an app available for iPads, seeks to recapture that sentimental sensation by offering a […]

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Microsoft Tablet Market Share Multitasks By Increasing While Disappointing

Microsoft has found itself in an interesting situation by going from having a zero percent market share in tablets to having a 7.5 percent share, according to market research analyst company Strategy Analytics. That sounds wonderful, until you see that Apple maintained a previous percentage of 48 percent and Android’s numbers depend on if you count only […]

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SXSW: Mike North From Nukotoys On Trading Cards, The iPad, And Outmaneuvering The Big Guys

Dr. Mike North likes building stuff. A lot. At the start of his Sunday morning SXSW panel, North showed video of a trip to Lithuania, where he and a bunch of other engineers decided to build a snowbike by replacing the front wheel of a bicycle with  a small pair of skis. North showed footage […]

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