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Your iPhone Will Pick Up The Tab With ApplePay


One of the big rumors about yesterday’s Apple event was that the new iPhones would finally embrace NFC. For those unfamiliar, NFC (Near Field Communications) is a wireless chip/protocol that allows devices to exchange information by touching them together or having them close to each other. The most common application, however, has been mobile payments. […]

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The Coolest Lighter In The Smokers Lounge


I just completed several days of testing the Lightercase, a gadget billed as the “World’s First Ever” protective smartphone case with a built-in no flame/fuel cigarette lighter and LED flashlight. The product only exists in a prototype stage, with an IndieGoGo campaign aiming at receiving enough funding to start production in time for the holidays. […]

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5C Or Not 5C, That May Be The Question


Apple has some big announcements coming up in a little under an hour, and everyone has been trying to guess what the consumer electronics giant has up its sleeves.   Of late, Apple has disappointed as it’s seems to be content to continue improving and refining existing technology. The most recent innovation has been the […]

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