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Your iPhone Will Pick Up The Tab With ApplePay

One of the big rumors about yesterday’s Apple event was that the new iPhones would finally embrace NFC. For those unfamiliar, NFC (Near Field Communications) is a wireless chip/protocol that allows devices to exchange information by touching them together or having them close to each other. The most common application, however, has been mobile payments. […]

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On The Cheap: You May Want To Skip Walmart And Best Buy’s iPhone Sales

Apple’s colorful 5c has been something of an object of derision by serious tech users, but the sales have certainly been impressive. Look down your nose all you want, but Apple has moved a ton of units. One reason is likely the fact that retailers have been aggressive with pricing, something atypical for iPhones. Recently, […]

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iPad 2 Finally Gets Discontinued As 8 GB iPhone 5C Debuts

Source: Apple.com

Considering that the iPad 2 first came out in 2011, it’s a bit wild to think that it’s just now getting taken off of Apple’s virtual shelves. Three years is an impressive shelf live for a device, especially when there’s an annual update. Apple has replaced the A5 powered, dock connector-sporting old school tablet by […]

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The Coolest Lighter In The Smokers Lounge

I just completed several days of testing the Lightercase, a gadget billed as the “World’s First Ever” protective smartphone case with a built-in no flame/fuel cigarette lighter and LED flashlight. The product only exists in a prototype stage, with an IndieGoGo campaign aiming at receiving enough funding to start production in time for the holidays. […]

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On The Cheap: Walmart Rolls Back Prices On iPhone 5S And 5C

If you’re sick of hearing talk about the new iPhones, click away from here now. For those who are interested, Walmart will sell the Apple products at a discount from day one. The high-end 5s has a $10 savings at $189, and the 5c has a slightly more palatable $79 price tag. The retail giant […]

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A New iPhone? Let The Kvetching Commence

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At 1 PM EDT on September 10th, Apple unleashed a new iPhone (okay, two). By 4 PM EDT I had to abandon my social network feeds to get away from people hurumphing about said iPhones. This has become as much of a pattern as Apple’s annual releases. Which is amusing, because the people whining are […]

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5C Or Not 5C, That May Be The Question

Apple has some big announcements coming up in a little under an hour, and everyone has been trying to guess what the consumer electronics giant has up its sleeves.   Of late, Apple has disappointed as it’s seems to be content to continue improving and refining existing technology. The most recent innovation has been the […]

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Voice of Objectivity: New Smartphone Upgrade Options Are A Good Deal

The U.S. mobile industry has seen an interesting change in the last few weeks. Three of the big four carriers now offer plans that let you upgrade your phone more often than the standard two years. They sure do sound exciting, with names like Edge, Next, and especially JUMP! (with caps and punctuation included in […]

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On The Cheap: Have An iPhone 4 Or 4S? Get A Free iPhone 5

Let’s not kid ourselves. The next generation iPhone is coming soon. Apple’s handset product cycle is simple, after all: Come out with a phone, come out with another a year later that is a slight improvement, and then come out with an even better one a year after that that is totally worth upgrading for. […]

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Hands On: Apple iOS 7 For A Day

As everyone knows, Apple released iOS 7 to developers after the WWDC keynote. As an Apple purist, I was certainly excited about the prospect of what I considered a great restart to the phone OS that started it all. A few stats: I installed iOS 7 on my AT&T iPhone 4S as a “new phone,” […]

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