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Windows Phone 8.1 Comes Calling

Windows Phone has long been an operating system that sort of interested me, but I can’t see myself in a relationship with it. It’s a flirtatious acquaintance when there are better options out there to have a relationship with.  Microsoft announced the 8.1 update this week,  and I have to admit that the temptation has […]

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Too Little, Too Late: Office Comes To The iPad

Source: Reuters.com

In a long-anticipated move, Microsoft has released a version of the ubiquitous Office Suite for iPad. Yes, now anyone can edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on an iPad. Of course, you always could. Off the top of my head, there’s Apple’s iWork solution, now free with new iOS devices. Plus, there’s Google’s Drive solution […]

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Want to Clean Install Windows 8.1? Read This First

Today, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to the general public, and many early adopters are running to be the first to get the free update that adds new features, fixes usability issues, and generally makes Windows 8 more pleasurable to use. I’ve been running the preview for months, and the final release for the last week. […]

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Review: Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix — The Evolution Of Windows 8 You’ve Been Waiting For?

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is Lenovo’s attempt at providing a convertible product that can do it all. This 11.6 inch tablet laptop hybrid packs a full Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor in a moderately light package, but it unfortunately comes without the battery enhancements of Intel’s latest Haswell digs. The tablet itself weighs 1.8 pouns, […]

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On The Cheap: Get On TechNet Before It’s Gone

For the unfamiliar, Microsoft TechNet is a program aimed at IT professionals. There are assorted benefits, but the main reason to snag it is software. Oh, the glorious software! You can basically download and install just about every Microsoft consumer OS, server OS, and productivity application ever. That means when a new OS version comes […]

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You Did This: Xbox One No Longer Needs To Always Be Online, Can Play Used Games

Xbox One

In a move that surely shocks only the executives who tried to make these limitations part of the Xbox One, the gaming console maker has decided to remove the need for an internet connection to play video games and also allows you to trade and sell your games. It seems the massive backlash against the […]

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Microsoft Office Sort-Of Comes To iOS For Sort-Of Free

A long-stranding rumor has become reality with the fairly silent launch of Microsoft Office for iOS. If you already have an Office 365 account, the app is free. Don’t have one? Get one, wait for iWork in the Cloud, or use Google Drive like the rest of mankind. In a moment of WTF, the app is scaled […]

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Microsoft Finally Has Long Lines For Surface Tablets

Interested in Microsoft’s SurfaceRT or Surface Pro tablets, but not willing to pay the premium prices of $599 and $899, respectively? On the off chance that you’re registered for the 2013 Microsoft TechEd conference in New Orleans, then you’re in luck. The Redmond-based computer giant has slashed prices for attendees with full conference passes. The […]

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Welcome Back Start Menu — Windows 8.1 Official

In what is likely a strong contender for the worst kept secret ever, Microsoft has announced the first major revision of Windows 8. Gone is the internal “Blue” codename and avoided is the boring SP naming of old. Instead, it’s time to meet Windows 8.1. Those hoping that Microsoft would see the error of 8 […]

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The Xbox One Revealed: Here’s The Important Stuff

Today, Microsoft, with much media hoopla, revealed then new Xbox, dubbed Xbox One. As with our coverage of Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal earlier this year, here are the major takeaways from the event. IT’S A CABLE BOX Tellingly, Microsoft’s announcement didn’t lead with the games that would be available for the Xbox One. Rather, the […]

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