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Samsung Bringing A True Wrist-phone To The U.S. This Fall

The headline really says it all, folks. Starting this fall, you can get an actual smartwatch phone on all four major U.S. carriers. Unlike Android Wear devices or the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S is a full-featured mobile device rather than a companion device. Another way the Gear S is different? It runs Samsung’s own […]

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CES 2014: Samsung’s Press Event Was About More Than Michael Bay, But Not By Much

Everyone is talking about action movie director Michael Bay walking off the stage at yesterday’s Samsung event. I guess a poor reaction to a downed teleprompter makes for a good story, but it ignores the rest of the press event. (Don’t worry, we’ll embed the video of the man known for explosions imploding on stage below […]

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera Is A Good Start

The Galaxy moniker isn’t just for smartphones and tablets anymore. Samsung’s Galaxy Camera shows the world that the Android giant wants photography to be smart, too. The 16 megapixel point-and-shoot style camera sports a 21x zoom and a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. However, where the back of the camera would normally have a basic display and […]

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A New iPhone? Let The Kvetching Commence

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At 1 PM EDT on September 10th, Apple unleashed a new iPhone (okay, two). By 4 PM EDT I had to abandon my social network feeds to get away from people hurumphing about said iPhones. This has become as much of a pattern as Apple’s annual releases. Which is amusing, because the people whining are […]

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On The Cheap: Almost All T-Mobile Phones With No Up Front Cost

T-Mobile really, really wants your business. First came the contract-free plans, then the ability to pay for your phones over time, and recently the new JUMP service for early upgrading. Now, the carrier has announced a back-to-school sale. For a limited time, all handsets (minus the 32 and 64 GB iPhone 5 models) will have […]

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Refines A Winning Formula

There’s really no denying that Samsung is the biggest name in Android phones. The Korean giant’s most recent flagship, the Galaxy S4, sold 10 million units in the first month. Considering that the S III (the difference in use of Arabic and Roman numbers between phone versions is on Samsung’s part) took almost two months […]

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Samsung And HTC Put Minis On For Summer

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Spring saw two exciting flagship phone launches with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One. For those who wanted something with a little less flash, both companies are adding mini versions. The Galaxy S4 Mini will sport a dual-core chip behind a 4.3″ screen and smells an awful lot like rebranding […]

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Why The Galaxy S4 Google Edition Is An Awesome Thing

Google threw a little surprise at the end of last week’s Google I/O event: The search giant has teamed with Samsung to produce a “Google Edition” of the insanely popular Samsung Galaxy S4 (stay tuned for our review). Due out June 26 in the United States, the handset will feature Android in all it’s naked […]

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Smart Money On Smart Watches For Next Tech Boom

It seems like every other day brings a new story about upcoming smartwatches. The big one, of course, is that Apple is allegedly planning an iWatch. This has been a fairly persistent rumor for roughly three years, ever since the square iPod Nano came on the scene and became a favorite to mod into a watch.   […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook Home If You Have Privacy Concerns

Facebook is launching its new Home on Android today. Unfortunately, the app is only available to a select few devices. If you have anything but a flagship device from HTC or Samsung, or if your phone is more than a year old, you can’t try Home yet. What you can do is update your Facebook […]

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