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Review: Sharp’s AQUOS Crystal Has One Clear Advantage

While smaller companies keep trying to beat Apple and Samsung out for at least a level of brand recognition, for the most part, those two companies rule the roost while HTC, LG, and Motorola vie to keep up at the edges as Kyocera, ZTE, and Alcatel battle it out for the mid-range and low-end. With all […]

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On The Cheap: You May Want To Skip Walmart And Best Buy’s iPhone Sales

Apple’s colorful 5c has been something of an object of derision by serious tech users, but the sales have certainly been impressive. Look down your nose all you want, but Apple has moved a ton of units. One reason is likely the fact that retailers have been aggressive with pricing, something atypical for iPhones. Recently, […]

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On The Cheap: Sprint Introduces All You Can Eat App Buffet AppPass

Let’s be blunt: having more than one app store on a device gets annoying. If you have Google Play, do you really need a separate curated source of apps from Samsung, Lenovo, or HTC? Some vendors get around the nuance by adding value – like Amazon and the daily free app deals. Others have walked […]

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Hands On With The Sharp Aquos Crystal From Sprint

Sprint hosted a “Take the Edge” off event in New York City the other day. There wasn’t too much mystery, especially when one got there and saw the Sharp logo all over the place. As predicted by almost every website, the new Sharp/Sprint device was a no-bezel device dubbed the Sharp Aquos Crystal. You might […]

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Sprint And Best Buy Will Pay You To Join Their Framily

This isn’t about  a joint offer from Sprint and Best Buy to lure you over to Sprint’s recent (horribly named) Framily Plan. Rather, this is about two entirely different offers. First comes the news that Best Buy can now sell you a Framily plan. Previously, one could only get those plans direct from Sprint. If you […]

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Sprint Mobile Email Rides Off Into Sunset

Sprint’s Mobile Email service may have been one of the best kept secrets in the world of feature phones. Back in the days before the modern smartphone era, push email was something  reserved mostly for BlackBerry handsets. This is because a BlackBerry data plan included access to a server to push emails to your handset in real […]

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On The Cheap: Sprint And Best Buy Give Students A Free Ride

As an impressive Back To School promotion, Sprint is making an offer that’s hard to refuse. As of November 15, existing Sprint users can take their elementary through college students to their local Best Buy and sign them up for for free year. “What’s the catch,” you ask. For starters, there’s only 1 GB of […]

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Refines A Winning Formula

There’s really no denying that Samsung is the biggest name in Android phones. The Korean giant’s most recent flagship, the Galaxy S4, sold 10 million units in the first month. Considering that the S III (the difference in use of Arabic and Roman numbers between phone versions is on Samsung’s part) took almost two months […]

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On The Cheap: Take Advantage Of WiMax’s Death And End Your Sprint Contract

WiMax was supposed to be the future of wireless data. Instead, it tanked and the world has moved on to LTE. Sprint Wireless was the only U.S. provider to invest in the tech, and it’s due for shelving eventually. Sprint has changed contract terms reflecting this. The existing WiMax user choices are to transition to […]

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Review: Should You RSVP For The Kyocera Event?

The non-contract smartphone industry keeps growing, and we can’t help but wonder if some of the more established players in that market are going to react. Virgin Mobile, for example, gives you $100 credit when you switch to the Sprint-owned contractless service. Virgin also offers yet another low-end Android phone from Kyocera, kings of the […]

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