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Amazon Sparks Set-top Box Competition With Release Of Fire TV

Let’s face it, television setups are complicated these days. We have broadcast, cable, satellite, and a plethora of streaming services. Getting said streaming services on to your TV might mean having an AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast or some other solution. The problem is that most of those solutions are complicated or at least involve multiple steps […]

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Google Chromecast Announcement Causes Other Digital Media Receivers To Sweat Bullets

One of technology’s biggest battles today is the war for the living room. As more and more content becomes available online, users continue to prefer viewing it on their television. Plenty of companies have provided ways to handle that transition. Roku and the Apple TV being among the most popular, but Google has had little […]

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Arrested Development’s New Netflix Business Model: Solid As A Rock?

It’s been a year since Netflix released its first original content with the Norwegian series LilyHammer. With four new series already under their belts (Lilyhammer, Bad Samaritans, Hemlock Grove, and the critically acclaimed House of Cards), as well as several comedy specials and a long-form film, the company seems committed to original programming. The streaming […]

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YouTube Says It’s Replaced TV; Dreamworks Pays $33M For YouTube Teen Network

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt certainly doesn’t lack confidence. Last night, Schmidt made the assertion to a large room full of advertisers that internet video doesn’t need to concern itself with supplanting standard television watching because he says, “That’s already happened.” Having recently surpassed the one billionth unique visitor landmark, YouTube has a reason to […]

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Netflix Brings Streamaggaddeon When It Removes Almost 2,000 Warner Bros. Titles

Starting today, you’ll have roughly 2,000 less choices to view on Netflix when the streaming service removes a massive amount of movies from the Warner Bros. library. These movies also just happen to be the same ones that will become available on the new Warner Archive Instant. According to Slate.com, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. […]

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All My Children And One Life To Live Get Second Lives On Hulu And iTunes

Bastard children. Weddings. Slaps. Illicit affairs. Gun shots. Weddings. Sexy senior citizens. Pregnant teenagers. Murder. Conspiracies. Weddings. Alien abductions. Meeting God. These are all most likely words that took up space on whiteboards brainstorming sessions in the writers’ rooms of All My Children and One Life to Live. Well, it looks like the shows themselves […]

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Every Episode Of Every Star Trek Series Free On Hulu For Limited Time

To help capture and build on the excitement generated by the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17, 2013), Hulu is offering every single episode of every live-action Star Trek series to date for free. Whether your favorite captian is Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or even Archer, you can revisit every incarnation of […]

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Review: PlayLater, The Internet DVR

MediaMall has long been thinking about streaming video on the internet. Back in 2004, CEO Jeff Lawrence developed the idea for PlayOn, a service that allows internet video to be viewed in an optimized way by streaming it to devices that allow you to watch it where you like, such as using a networked Wii […]

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App Update: Roku Now Streams Media From Your iOS Or Android Device

Roku users got a big surprise late last week when the company provided an unexpected update to its official iOS and Android applications. Previously, the free apps were mainly a secondary remote control for the streaming media player. With this update, announced on the official Roku blog, Roku has added the ability to stream music […]

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Fox To Cancel Hulu Plus Viewers

For the past six months, I’ve been getting addicted to my Roku-enhanced television. It’s been years now since I cancelled my cable service and I rarely miss it, especially with the abundance of old TV shows streaming to my Roku from Netflix. Still, we live in a “grass is always greener” culture, and I’ve begun […]

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