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President Obama Calls For Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights


With the proliferation of mobile gadgets connected to the internet, President Barack Obama declares it’s time the United States has a privacy Bill of Rights. Administration officials urged consumer groups and technology companies to craft and submit suggested privacy protections to add to guidelines they began crafting on Thursday. Initially, these rules will be voluntary […]

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Go Daddy Decides They Don’t Support SOPA After All


Popular web hosting service and domain registrar, Go Daddy, reverses their initial stance supporting SOPA, after losing over 21,000 domains on Friday alone. Angry customers flocked to other registrars in droves over the weekend, when word got around that the company officially supported the proposed legislation. Other high-profile customers threatened to leave, including Wikipedia’s co-founder […]

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Google Goes Gaga For Zagat


The official Google blog announces today the acquisition of the famous Zagat restaurant and entertainment guide. Google plans on integrating the Zagat reviews and ratings with their Google Maps and other search results, as well as eventually adding the content to the Google Places service. Zagat has provided comprehensive guides for 100 major cities since […]

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Attack Of The Zombie Cookies

zombie cookies

Zombie cookies aren’t dead yet! Over a year ago, lawsuits were filed against Disney, Warner Brothers, MySpace, ABC, and  NBC Universal for using persistent tracking cookies able to defeat most attempts to disable, block, or purge them. These zombie cookies were originally spawned using Adobe Flash technology, but Adobe promised to update their software to […]

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