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Want to Clean Install Windows 8.1? Read This First

Today, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 to the general public, and many early adopters are running to be the first to get the free update that adds new features, fixes usability issues, and generally makes Windows 8 more pleasurable to use. I’ve been running the preview for months, and the final release for the last week. […]

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Review: Lenovo Yoga 11S Bends Over Backwards To Please

Lenovo 11S is the computing company’s second Yoga model. The first, which sported a 13″ screen, was an interesting device. Yoga’s design is unique for a tablet/laptop hybrid in that it bends backwards to close instead of popping off or twisting. Techcitement went hands on with the original Yoga, but never got a chance to […]

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Microsoft Finally Has Long Lines For Surface Tablets

Interested in Microsoft’s SurfaceRT or Surface Pro tablets, but not willing to pay the premium prices of $599 and $899, respectively? On the off chance that you’re registered for the 2013 Microsoft TechEd conference in New Orleans, then you’re in luck. The Redmond-based computer giant has slashed prices for attendees with full conference passes. The […]

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Welcome Back Start Menu — Windows 8.1 Official

In what is likely a strong contender for the worst kept secret ever, Microsoft has announced the first major revision of Windows 8. Gone is the internal “Blue” codename and avoided is the boring SP naming of old. Instead, it’s time to meet Windows 8.1. Those hoping that Microsoft would see the error of 8 […]

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Review: Lenovo C540 All-in-one Gets Put Through Paces

The last time I bought an all-in-one PC was back in 1997. I was a senior in high school, and it was college application time. My family’s Apple IIc was significantly underpowered and ill-equipped for things like internet and CD-ROM use. With financial help from my folks, I went out and purchased an AST 75 […]

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Windows Phone’s Quest For Mindshare Continues With Temple Run And Pandora

When Windows Phone 8 launched, Microsoft promised that some of the top apps for other platforms would make the transition to WP8. It took a bit, but as March is winding down, this promise has started coming true. First to arrive was Pandora, the popular online radio app. Interestingly, Pandora for Windows Phone 8 isn’t […]

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Dell XPS 18 Brings New Form, But Does It Function?

These days, it’s pretty standard to see new, touchable all-in-one (AiO) devices from companies like HP, Sony, and Dell. It helps that Microsoft is banking on touch capabilities in Windows 8, and that there is a large, young generation for workers used to touchable smartphones and adjusting to tablets. Dell has upped the ante just […]

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Review: Is Lenovo’s Convertible ThinkPad Twist-ing In The Wind?

When I opened the plain brown box at my front stoop to discover the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, my heart skipped a beat. Because I have a heart condition, that hurt like hell. Getting to finally play with a touchable Windows 8 device, and one by a company that I will¬†unabashedly¬†admit is one of my favorites, […]

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Revisited Review: Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Gets The Windows 8 Treatment

Back in August, I reviewed Lenovo’s IdeaCentre A720, an all-in-one touchscreen PC running Windows 7 bundled with several Lenovo applications focused on the touch interface. Since then, Microsoft has released Windows 8 and as promised, Lenovo now includes it as the default for the A720. The company kindly provided me a test machine for a […]

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Microsoft Plans Annual Updates For Windows 8

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s codename “Blue” is more than a secret name for Windows 9. The OS upgrade, anticipated in a mid-2013 release for Windows and Windows Phone, will include major user interface changes and a new SDK for developers, along with pricing changes. An initial release will be a free or inexpensive upgrade […]

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