About Our Contributors

At Techcitement, we have many contributors who make the site run. These are our most frequent and profound writers (and one editor).

Justin Davis

About Justin Davis

Justin Davis is one of the co-founders of Techcitement and acts as the editor-in-chief for the site, which is ironic because he's likely the least tech savvy/aware person here. He also wrote a monthly restaurant review column for The A.V. Club Austin from 2010 to 2011, and he regularly performs in and directs improv theater. That means he's ready for anything. Yes, even that.

Mordechai Osdoby

About Mordechai Osdoby

One of the co-founders of Techcitement, Mordechai is a man whose obsession with tech once led his wife to refer to a laptop as "the other woman".

Matt Algren

About Matt Algren

Matt is a self-taught tinkerer who's fallen madly in love with social media and neato Android stuff. He writes on an eight-year-old computer that constantly freezes up on him, leading him to teach the neighborhood kids many new swear words when he has his windows open. He's probably eating chocolate ice cream in his home in Southwest Ohio right now. It's delicious.

M. Gilden

About Mordy Gilden

When not blogging about tech, Mordy Gilden is a filmmaker and an animator. A self proclaimed mobile enthusiast, Mordy considers every "Can a cell phone do that?" as a personal challenge. Also a moderator for the film making forum DVXUser.com, camera nut, and all around nice guy.

Yoni Gross

About Yoni Gross

Avid tech enthusiast and Android fanboy, Yoni is the host of the Techcitement Podcast and author of the monthly column Voice of Objectivity. He also writes the occasional companion column Voice of Subjectivity, for when he disagrees with himself.

Daniela Weiss-Bronstein

About Daniela Weiss-Bronstein

Dani is a mom of three who dabbles in everything from tech to cake decorating. By day she writes, makes food, and cleans the house, but by night ... she has always wanted to be a superhero.

Paul Hurwitz

About Paul Hurwitz

Paul is product manager at a software company in Massachusetts and an all-around technology geek. He also enjoys being outdoors and on his bike, so he can't claim to be a complete geek.

Megan Moten

About Megan Moten

Megan lives in Austin, Texas. She is an aspiring writer and performer who enjoys slam poetry and trivia of any kind.

Rick Diehl

About Rick Diehl

Stuck in the worst excesses of 1970’s kitsch, Rick Diehl spent 20 years working in comic book stores across America before diving into the world of high technology by going to work in Gateway’s IT department. Discovering that Gateway and technology didn't have as much in common as he hoped, a sadder but wiser Diehl now works as the primary textbook buyer at a well-known university. Diehl spends his time bouncing between, work, family, ill-defined plans to conquer the world, and writing about politics, technology, and the weirder corners of popular culture.

Jon Clinkenbeard

About Jon Clinkenbeard

In addition to being Techcitement's Gaming Editor, Jon Clinkenbeard is also an actor and comedian living in New York. He's the founder of Chew York and Dark Little Stories, and he's co-author of The Pirate Treasure of the Himalayas. Jon regularly performs improvised theater around town and you've probably seen him on that show you watch.

Meghan Wolff

About Meghan Wolff

Meghan is a teacher, improviser, and reluctant Minnesotan. In the world of technology, she loves space, education, the environment, and people doing absurd things. In the world of people, she loves improv, books, alternative sports, and people doing absurd things.

Tom Wyrick

About Tom Wyrick

Tom Wyrick is a computer support analyst in Bethesda, Maryland and part of a family of five who all share an interest in computers, the internet and gaming. Mac or PC? Yes, please.