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Review: The LG G2, A Gorgeous Phone With Few Drawbacks

The G2 is LG’s latest Android handset making the rounds of all of the major carriers. It sports a sleek, slim design; a wide, bright screen; and lightning-fast LTE connectivity. Let’s see if all of those adjectives add up to a worthwhile phone. First Impressions The packaging is minimal. This Verizon branded demo unit came […]

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Sprint And Best Buy Will Pay You To Join Their Framily

This isn’t about  a joint offer from Sprint and Best Buy to lure you over to Sprint’s recent (horribly named) Framily Plan. Rather, this is about two entirely different offers. First comes the news that Best Buy can now sell you a Framily plan. Previously, one could only get those plans direct from Sprint. If you […]

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Voice of Objectivity: New Smartphone Upgrade Options Are A Good Deal

The U.S. mobile industry has seen an interesting change in the last few weeks. Three of the big four carriers now offer plans that let you upgrade your phone more often than the standard two years. They sure do sound exciting, with names like Edge, Next, and especially JUMP! (with caps and punctuation included in […]

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Will The HTC First Last?

You know what’s never a good sign? When a “hot” product has prices slashed after barely a month on the market. As such, people took notice this weekend when the HTC First was slashed in price to $0.99 with no fanfare. Now, there are rumors that this is just the first stage. AT&T reached out […]

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AT&T To Challenge Google Fiber In Austin

My, that was fast. It hasn’t even been a full day since Google announced Google Fiber’s future rollout in Austin, TX and already a challenger appears. AT&T has announced intentions to build a Gigabit fiber optic network in the same city. AT&T’s announcement is short and vaguely ”me-too”ish. There are no details on timing or pricing, which is a […]

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He Connects… He Shares… Strike!

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is here! Brainchild of such industries as the RIAA and MPAA, this new method to curtail illegal content sharing went live last week. An outline for the system began in July 2011, as the recording and movie businesses realized individual lawsuits weren’t accomplishing their goal of reducing or eliminating piracy. […]

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On The Cheap: Cyber Monday Is Over, But Smartphone Savings Are Not

Yesterday was a fun day to be the writer of a column about cheap tech. I was so busy answering texts, Facebook messages, and tweets about what the best deals were that I wasn’t able to share them all here. Now that the dust has settled, I thought we could take a minute and see […]

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Review: The Review That’s Not A Review Of The Nokia Lumia 920

In this space should be a review of the Nokia Lumia 920. However, instead is the story of why there is no review. Like any good and faithful techie, I pre-ordered the 920 in cyan on the November 7, to be shipped on November 8. I was in the midst of being displaced by Hurricane […]

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On The Cheap: The Art (And Business) Of The Subjective Discount

When looking to save money on gadgets, there’s one place many people may not think to look: the human resources department. In many cases, being employed by a certain company entitles you to a discount with various vendors. Cell phone companies in particular tend to shave a decent percentage off if you have the right […]

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Tech Companies And Good Samaritans Step Up In Aftermath Of Superstorm Sandy

I drove from Boston to Queens, NY today so that my family and I could be part of my wife’s nephew’s bar mitzvah. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place in his own community of Long Branch, NJ, but the family was forced to move it to my wife’s parent’s synagogue in Queens because […]

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